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Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Crimes (Sentencing) Bill 2005

Crimes (Sentence Administration) Bill 2005

Standing orders—suspension

Sentencing and Corrections Reform Amendment Bill 2005

Health Records (Privacy and Access) Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2)

Administration (Interstate Agreements) Repeal Bill 2005

Questions without notice:


Homebirth service



Emergency Services Authority


Housing—budget funding

Sport and recreation—hockey

Belconnen to Civic busway

Schools—west Belconnen

Professor Hilary Charlesworth

Executive contracts

Violence against women: (Matter of public importance)

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Adjournment: RU486

American Thanksgiving Day

Woden police station

Chief Minister

Mrs Dunne—quotation from document

Industrial relations—Qantas

Mrs Dunne—quotation from document

Driving behaviour

Community fire units

Chief Minister

ACTION bus service


Schedules of Amendments:

Schedule 1: Crimes (Sentencing) Bill 2005

Schedule 2: Crimes (Sentencing) Bill 2005

Schedule 3: Crimes (Sentence Administration) Bill 2005

Wednesday, 23 November 2005

Public service—complaints investigation

Intergovernmental relations

Questions without notice:

Mental health

Emergency services

Education—greenhouse reduction program

ACTION bus service—airport.

Housing—heritage listing

Multicultural affairs—Mr Mohamed Omari

Canberra Labor Club


Disability and community services commissioner

Procurement guidelines

Children—kids-at-play program

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Griffin Centre—food distribution program

Canberra Labor Club


Welfare reform legislation

In-sink garbage disposal units

Safety in the construction industry


Nguyen Tuong Van

Intergovernmental relations

Industrial relations

Nguyen Tuong Van

Multicultural council

Multicultural council

Mrs Freda Trowbridge

Thursday, 24 November 2005

Civil Law (Property) Bill 2005

Crimes (Offences Against Pregnant Women) Amendment Bill 2005

Casino Control Bill 2005

Workers Compensation Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2)

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Questions without notice:

Dental health


Teddy Bears Child Care Centre

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee


Water agreement

Business support

Policing—motor vehicle thefts

Havelock Housing Association

Mental health—beyondblue

Early development index

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Business support

Dental health

Mental health

ACTION bus service

Personal explanation

Administrative arrangements

Chief Minister’s Department—annual report 2004-05

David Harold Eastman

Indigenous housing

Homelessness strategy


Sitting pattern

Volunteers Matter of public importance)

Executive business—postponement

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2005 (No 3)

Ms Pattie Tancred


Mental health


Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee


Sinn Fein

Behaviour of opposition members

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Schedule of Amendments:

Schedule 1: Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill

2005 (No 3)

Answers to questions:

Planning—Gungahlin (Question No 588)

Health—ACT Community Nursing (Question No 608)

Motor vehicles—home-garaged (Question No 624)

Motor vehicles—home-garaged (Question No 625)

Motor vehicles—home-garaged (Question No 629)

Development—City West (Question No 645)

Crime—drink spiking (Question No 659)

ActewAGL call centre (Question No 661)

Poker machine tax revenue (Question No 679)

Roads—accidents (Question No 687)

Disabled persons (Question No 688)

Disabled persons (Question No 689)

Community linking and needs assessment service (Question No 690)

Individual support package program (Question No 691)

Disability ACT (Question No 692)

Disability ACT (Question No 693)

Public service—future directions (Question No 694)

Homelessness (Question No 695)

Disabled persons—housing (Question No 696)

Homelessness (Question No 697)

Housing—disabled persons (Question No 699)

Disabled persons—financial assistance (Question No 700)

Disabled persons—taxi subsidy (Question No 701)

Children—disabled (Question No 702)

Disabled persons—innovation projects (Question No 703)

Disabled persons—stepping stone project (Question No 704)

Disabled persons—services (Question No 705)

Public service—StudyBank scheme (Question No 706)

Public service—annual reports (Question No 707)

Currong apartments (Question No 708)

Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal community health service (Question No 709)

Gugan Gulwan Aboriginal Corporation program (Question No 710)

Gugan Gulwan Aboriginal Corporation program (Question No 711)

Children—foster care (Question No 712)

Housing—conflict resolution (Question No 713)

Government shop front services (Question No 715)

Waste disposal (Question No 716)

Collins Park community-built bike track (Question No 717)

Urban Services—ranger numbers (Question No 719)

Policing—surveillance cameras (Question No 720)

Crime prevention—funding (Question No 721)

Crime—clearance rates (Question No 722)

Community Advocate (Question No 723)

Housing—rent deduction service (Question No 728)

Housing—valuations (Question No 729)

Housing—marketing services (Question No 730)

Inanna—tenant support grants (Question No 731)

Belconnen arts centre (Question No 733)

Capital works (Question No 734)

Capital works (Question No 735)

Development—Quamby site (Question No 786)