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Tuesday, 15 November 2005

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Standing orders—suspension

Crimes (Sentencing) Bill 2005

Questions without notice:

Budget—election promises

Government—expenditure review

Anti-terrorism legislation

Industrial relations


Emergency Services Authority—volunteers

Model litigant guidelines

Housing—national survey

Housing—multiunit complexes

ACT Racing Club—insurance

Auditor General’s report No 6 of 2005


Executive contracts


Land (Planning and Environment) Act


Mental health (Matter of public importance)

Crimes (Sentencing) Bill 2005


Dismissal of Whitlam government

Industrial relations

Industrial relations

Mental health

Dismissal of Whitlam government

Appeal for clemency for Mr Van Tuong Nguyen

Industrial relations


Schedules of Amendments:

Schedule 1: Crimes (Sentencing) Bill 2005

Schedule 2: Crimes (Sentencing) Bill 2005

Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Sub judice convention

Death penalty

Questions without notice:

Budget—operating result

Legal advice—professional privilege

Industrial relations

Industrial relations

Belconnen to Civic busway

Housing—budget funding

Prisons—syringe exchange program

Housing—ministerial conferences


ACTION—Aranda route options

Sustainable transport plan

Answer to question on notice:

Question No 534

Canberra Hospital obstetric service

Death penalty

Public housing issues—authorisation of member’s participation in proceedings

Public housing waiting lists


Remembrance Day

Industrial relations

Prisons—needle exchange program


Mr Craig Curry

Industrial relations

A figure of speech book launch

Thursday 17 November 2005


Petitions: Glebe Park Development

Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2)

Smoking (Prohibition in Enclosed Public Spaces) Regulation 2005

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Emergencies Amendment Bill 2005

Domestic Animals (Cat Containment) Amendment Bill 2005

Ministerial arrangements

Questions without notice:

Public service—redundancies


Capital works

Belconnen to Civic busway

Youth detention centre

Griffin Centre—food distribution program

Disability ACT—Ms Alyssa Blazey


ACTION—bike racks

Budget—public service savings



SAAP multilateral agreement


Supplementary answer to question without notice:

Budget—public service savings

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve (Matter of public importance)

Cabinet-in-confidence documents—order to table

Domestic Animals (Cat Containment) Amendment Bill 2005


Disability ACT—Ms Alyssa Blazey

Socceroos—World Cup qualification

Pakistan earthquake

Illegal posters

Death penalty



Kaleen high school

On the other side


The Junction

Community events—government invitations

Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Emergencies Amendment Bill 2005

Schedule 2: Domestic Animals (Cat Containment) Amendment Bill 2005

Answers to questions:

Capital works—expenditure (Question No 521)

Health—complaints (Question No 587)

Disabled persons—services (Question No 589)

Arts and letters—policy (Question No 590)

Prisons and prisoners—welfare workers (Question No 592)

Women—leadership program (Question No 594)

Canberra Hospital—Ronald McDonald family room (Question No 602)

Children—abuse (Question No 604)

Suicide prevention (Question No 607)

Health—cancer cases (Question No 612)

Healthpact Research Centre (Question No 613)

Health—childhood obesity (Question No 614)

Cigarettes and tobacco—legislation (Question No 615)

Health—population growth (Question No 616)

Hospitals—psychiatric services (Question No 617)

Hospitals—psychiatric services (Question No 618)

Motor vehicles—home-garaged (Question No 626)

Motor vehicles—home-garaged (Question No 627)

Environment and conservation—noise complaints (Question No 631)

Policing—schools (Questions Nos 632 and 633)

Education—bullying (Question No 634)

Education—bullying (Question No 635)

Development—Kingston (Question No 639)

Development—Amaroo (Question No 640)

Health—emergency electroconvulsive therapy (Question No 644)

Children—child care (Question No 646)

Youth—council (Question No 647)

Children—child care (Question No 648)

Roads—mobile phone use (Question No 668)

Hospitals—waiting lists (Question No 672)

Sport and recreation—netball (Question No 673)

Electoral—prisoners (Question No 677)

Fairbairn Park lease (Question No 680)

ACTTAB—staff (Question No 681)

Sports grounds closures (Question No 682)

Water (Question No 683)

ACTION—passenger safety (Question No 684)

ACTION—ticketing machines (Question No 685)

Policing—quarterly reports (Question No 686)

Legislative Assembly—motor vehicles (Question No 714)

ACTEW—power cuts (Question No 718)

Namadgi National Park—native title claim (Question No 724)

Environment and conservation—reports (Question No 725)

Disabled persons—transport (Question No 726)

ACTION—indigent recruitment (Question No 727)