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Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Petitions: Car parking—Nicholls

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Litter Amendment Bill 2005

Tree Protection Bill 2005

Ministerial arrangements

Questions without notice:

Disaster planning

Disaster planning

Canberra Hospital—mental health precinct

Bushfires—pine replanting

Disaster planning



Disability services

Political advertising


Separation of powers

Papers—tabling by Chief Minister


Executive contracts


Education (Matter of public importance)

Tree Protection Bill 2005

Leave of absence


Petrol prices

Calwell high school—roundtable

One place

2005 art exhibition

Dana Cup—youth football.


Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Litter Amendment Bill 2005

Schedule 2: Tree Protection Bill 2005

Schedule 3: Tree Protection Bill 2005

Schedule 4: Tree Protection Bill 2005

Wednesday, 21 September 2005

Limitation Amendment Bill 2005

Civic Development Authority Bill 2005

Legislation Amendment Bill 2005

Proposed motion on industrial relations laws

Industrial relations

Questions without notice:

Canberra Hospital—psychiatric unit

Disaster planning

Tree protection legislation

Vocational education and training


Housing affordability

Sustainable transport plan


ACT Health—salary packaging.

Magistrates Court—liaison staff

Water—Cotter catchment

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Disaster planning

Answers to questions on notice:

Question No 486

Auditor-General’s report No 4 of 2005

Local retail and community services

Skills shortages and business

Personal explanations


Muslim headscarves



Mr Scott Parkin

Canberra and region—growth


Junior rugby league finals

Western Districts Rugby Club

Vietnamese full moon festival

Thursday, 22 September 2005

Health Records (Privacy and Access) Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2)

Dangerous Substances (Asbestos) Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2)

New West Belconnen School—Select Committee

Personal explanation

Executive business—precedence

Tree Protection Bill 2005


Questions without notice:

Hospital bypasses

Bird flu—government preparedness

Community grants

Auditor-General’s report—courts administration


Arts funding

Trade union membership

Auslink bilateral agreement

Auditor-General’s report—courts administration


Corrective services—prison project

Supplementary answer to question without notice:

ACT Health—salary packaging.

Answers to questions on notice:

Question No 467

Questions Nos 489 and 490

Question No 495


Ministerial Advisory Council on Ageing

Territory plan—variation No 205

Territory plan—variation No 214

Community safety (Matter of public importance)


Tree Protection Bill 2005

Financial Management Legislation Amendment Bill 2005


Richmond Fellowship offices

Former Macquarie hostel site

Industrial relations—Qantas

Dr Kevin Donnelly

51st CPA conference

Principal-for-a-day scheme

Principal-for-a-day scheme

Griffin Centre

Assembly open day

Kingston foreshore

Industrial relations—Qantas

Condolence on loss of father

Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Tree Protection Bill 2005

Schedule 2: Tree Protection Bill 2005

Schedule 3: Tree Protection Bill 2005

Schedule 4: Tree Protection Bill 2005

Answers to questions:

Crime—motor vehicle theft (Question No 459)

Government—insurance (Question No 460)

Finance—capital works (Question No 462)

Social welfare—poverty (Question No 464)

Motorcycle registration fees (Question No 465)

Health—red reflex screening (Question No 466)

Health—asthma (Question No 468)

Hospitals—bypass figures (Question No 469)

Hospitals—elective surgery waiting lists (Question No 470)

Hospitals—psychiatric services units (Question No 471)

Hospitals—funding (Question No 472)

Hospitals—transition care places (Question No 473)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander regional health plan (Question No 474)

Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs (Question No 475)

Animals—product testing (Question No 476)

Housing—tenant rights (Question No 477)

Housing—tenant advice service (Question No 478)

Finance—Treasurer’s Advance (Question No 479)

Animals—de-sexing pets (Question No 480)

Health—meningococcal disease (Question No 481)

Calvary Hospital—night staff (Question No 483)

Hospitals—waiting times (Question No 484)

Hospitals—waiting times (Question No 485)

School cleaners—complaints (Question No 487)

Waste disposal (Question No 488)

Transport—private bus drivers (Question No 491)

Roads—line markings (Question No 492)

Environment and conservation—tree plantings (Question No 493)

Lollipop Childcare Centre—safety (Question No 494)

Roads—alcohol and drug driving tests (Question No 495)

Bushfires—hazard reduction (Question No 496)

Crime—drink spiking (Question No 497)

Crime—car re-birthing (Question No 498)

Policing—Civic (Question No 499)

Emergency Services Authority—funding (Question No 500)

Motor vehicles—registrations (Question No 501)

ACTION buses—bike racks (Question No 502)

Crime—graffiti incidents (Question No 503)

Roads—black spot programs (Question No 504)

Disasters—mitigation funding (Question No 505)

Trail bikes—incidents and charges (Question No 506).

Hospitals—paediatricians (Question No 508)

Hospitals—psychiatric units (Question No 509)

Capital works—project funding (Question No 510)

Capital works—feasibility studies (Question No 511)

Capital works—projects (Question No 512)

Capital works—projects (Question No 513)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—partnership plan (Question No 514)

Capital works—projects (Question No 515)

Development—Garran (Question No 517)

Hospitals—elective surgery admissions (Question No 520)

Canberra Hospital—funding (Question No 522).

Hospitals—inpatient services (Question No 523)

Hospitals—pediatrics refurbishment (Question No 524)

Calvary Hospital—capital expenditure (Question No 525)

Belconnen arts centre (Question No 526).

Registrar General’s Office—identity documentation (Question No 529)

Capital works—projects (Question No 530)

Capital works—projects (Question No 531)

Kippax library (Question No 532)

Roads—parking infringements (Question No 533)

Burringiri Aboriginal Corporation (Question No 535).

Housing—price signalling mechanisms (Question No 536)

Albert Hall (Question No 537)

Griffin Centre—security (Question No 539)

Libraries—internet pornography (Question No 540)

Suicide prevention (Question No 541)

Transport—capital expenditure (Question No 543)

Roads—Wells Station (Question No 544)

Transport—joint venture projects (Question No 545)

Gungahlin to Civic busway (Question No 547)

Roads—capital expenditure (Question No 548)

Crime—assaults (Question No 549)

Veterans memorial—capital expenditure (Question No 550)

Public art program—capital expenditure (Question No 551)

Glassworks project—capital expenditure (Question No 552)

Crime—strict liability offences (Question No 553)

Infrastructure—capital expenditure (Question No 554)

Work-based child care—capital expenditure (Question No 555)

Aboriginal cultural centre (Question No 556)

Land—releases (Question No 557)

Housing—fire safety (Question No 558)

Housing ACT—electoral forms (Question No 559)

Bushfires—warnings (Question No 561)

Spence primary school (Question No 568)

Children—playground safety (Question No 569)

Transport—capital expenditure (Question No 570)

Roads—lighting (Question No 573)

Roads—Kings Highway (Question No 575)

Roads—Majura Parkway (Question No 576)

Roads—residential street improvements (Question No 578)

Community paths—capital expenditure (Question No 579)

Finance—capital expenditure (Question No 581)

Roads—on-road cycle lanes (Question No 582)