Tuesday, 23 October 1990

Questions without notice:

Mr Speaker Prowse

Retail trade turnover

Commonwealth funding

Mr Speaker Prowse

Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre

Hospital redevelopment - letting of contracts

School closures - buses

Ambulance services

Department of Justice and Community Services

Green potatoes

Hospital redevelopment

School closures - Interim Territory Planning Authority

School closures - inquiry

Business bankruptcies

School crossings - Tuggeranong

School closures

Assembly business

Animal welfare policy (Ministerial statement)

Absence of Minister (Ministerial statement)

South East Economic Development Council (Ministerial statement)

Ambulance cover (Matter of public importance)

Conservation, Heritage and Environment - standing committee

Scrutiny of Bills and Subordinate Legislation - standing committee

Tobacco (Amendment) Bill 1990

Motor Traffic (Amendment) Bill (No 5) 1990

Motor Traffic (Amendment) Bill (No 6) 1990


Mr Nelson Mandela - visit to Canberra

Mental Health Week

Gulf crisis

Ministerial arrangements

Gulf crisis

Residents Rally - resignation of Mr Moore

Bruce Hostel

Mr Nelson Mandela - visit to Canberra

Mr Nelson Mandela - visit to Canberra

Mr Nelson Mandela - visit to Canberra

Answers to questions:

School buildings - operating costs (Question No 181)

Consultants (Question No 202)

Consultancies (Question No 206)

Hospital redevelopment project (Question No 225)

Hospital redevelopment project (Question No 226)

Hospital redevelopment project (Question No 227)

Community Development Fund (Question No 231)

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Question No 251)

Teachers - statistics (Question No 254)

Teachers - qualifications (Question No 255)

Teachers - statistics (Question No 256)

Overseas students - high schools and secondary colleges
(Question No 259)

ACTAID Pty Ltd (Question No 262)

Higher school certificate courses(Question No 263)

Executive assistant program (Question No 264)

Business colleges - overseas students (Question No 265)

School buildings - operating costs (Question No 269)

Language programs (Question No 271)

Business colleges - overseas students (Question No 278)

Community Development Fund grants (Question No 279)

Hawker Primary School

School closures - transitional committees

Free-range eggs

Woden Valley Hospital


Wednesday, 24 October 1990

School closures - Weetangera Primary School

ACT police force

Police Offences (Amendment) Bill 1990

Questions without notice:

Community facilities


Community facilities

Bible Lane - waste problem

School closures - inquiry

Public hospital redevelopment

Liquor licence fees

Political parties - headquarters

School closures

Hospital services

Ambulance officers

Anti-discrimination legislation

School closures - hearing impaired children


Driver training site

Ambulance Service


Dog control (Ministerial statement)

School closures : African National Congress (Matter of public importance)

Social policy - standing committee

Motor Traffic (Amendment) Bill (No 7) 1990

venereal Diseases (Amendment) Bill 1990

Nature Conservation (Amendment) Bill 1990

Australian Federal Police - move-on powers


United Nations Day

United Nations Day

United Nations Day

United Nations Day

School closures - Labor lacy

Mr Nelson Mandela - visit to Canberra

United Nations Day

Thursday, 25 October 1990

Cultural Activities and Facilities - select committee

Administration and Procedures - standing committee

Day of next meeting

Careless Use of Fire (Amendment) Bill 1990

Consumer Affairs (Amendment) Bill 1990

Mental health crisis care service

Court structures in the Australian Capital Territory - review

Questions without notice:

Sub judice rule - school closures

Sports commission

School closures - transport arrangements

Minister for Community Services

Higher School Certificate examinations - Canberra Grammar
School students

Ambulance Service

Private hospital development

Federal government funding

Ambulance Service

National women's health program

South East Economic Development Council

Health services - industrial relations


Fairbairn Park

Cosmetics manufacturer

Political parties - headquarters

Ambulance services

Mr Wall Berry - motion of censure

Treasurer's Advance (Ministerial statement)

Urban infrastructure (Matter of public importance)


Charge of the Light Brigade

Ministerial travel allowances

Ministerial travel allowances

Member's motor vehicle

Ambulance Service

Amnesty International

Amnesty International

Ministerial travel allowances


Answers to questions:

TAFE colleges - teacher statistics (Question No 257)

TAFE colleges - apprentices in training (Question No 258)

TAFE and college courses - accreditation arrangements (Question No 261)

TAFE colleges - computing courses (Question No 266)

Literacy skills (Question No 267)


Appendix: ACT Ambulance Service