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Tuesday, 10 April 2018


Community facilities in Page—petition 10-18

Ministerial response: Greenway playground shade—petition 4-18

Community facilities in Page—petition 10-18

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Ministerial delegation to Wellington (Ministerial statement)

Detention exit community outreach (DECO) program (Ministerial statement)

Gambling harm minimisation (Ministerial statement)

Disability recommendations (Ministerial statement)

Waste Management and Resource Recovery Amendment Bill 2018

Domestic Animals Legislation Amendment Bill 2018

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2018

Leave of absence

Questions without notice:

Land—Dickson purchase

Health Directorate—proposed organisational changes

ACTION bus service—timetable


Questions without notice:

ACT Emergency Services Agency—workplace culture

Schools—infrastructure projects


Citizens juries—process

Children and young people—adoptions

Health Directorate—proposed organisational changes


Justice and Community Safety Directorate—workplace culture

Education—NAPLAN survey

National Youth Week—youth achievements

Light rail—safety

Gaming—consumer privacy

City Renewal Authority—grants

Question taken on notice:

Statement by member

2016 ACT Election and Electoral Act—Select Committee


Heritage protection (Matter of public importance)


Matthew Harding—tribute

Back to your roots writing competition


Heritage—Manuka pool honour roll

Education—early childhood


Dementia Australia ACT

Question taken on notice—statement by member

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Crimes (Consent) Amendment Bill 2018

Apollo 11 mission—50th anniversary

Government—revenue from greyhound racing


Government—revenue from greyhound racing

Renewable energy targets

Questions without notice:

Land—Dickson purchase

ACTION bus service—pets

Domestic animal services—dogs

Light rail—stage 1 construction

Greyhound racing—draft code of practice

ACT Health—proposed organisational changes


ACT Health—proposed organisational changes

ACT Health—former director-general

Government—heritage grants

ACT Health—proposed organisational changes

ACT Health—data review

Drugs—pill testing

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm

Tourism—economic impact

Recycling—container deposit scheme

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Gaming—consumer privacy

Children and young people—adoptions

Answer to question without notice:


Renewable energy targets

ACTION bus service—school services

Public housing—supply

Blood donation regulations

Privilege—alleged breach (Statement by Speaker)

Privileges 2018—Select Committee


Project Booyah

Yogie awards

Mr Myuran Sukumaran—art exhibition

Hawker Primary School fete

Girls take over parliament

Forbes Asia 30 under 30

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Environment and Transport and City Services—Standing Committee

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

ACT prevention of violence against women and children strategy 2011-17—
second implementation plan (Ministerial statement)

A step up for our kids—out of home care strategy update (Ministerial statement)

Land Tax Amendment Bill 2018

Planning, Building and Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2018

Standing orders—suspension

Appropriation Bill 2017-2018 (No 2)

Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2017 2018 (No 2)

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Privileges 2018—Select Committee

Emission reduction and renewable energy


Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee

Economic Development and Tourism—Standing Committee

Education, Employment and Youth Affairs—Standing Committee

Ministerial arrangements

Questions without notice:

Taxation—unit rating system

Planning—entertainment precincts

Taxation—unit rating system

Emergency services—staff wellbeing

Taxation—unit rating system

ACT Policing—resourcing


Alexander Maconochie Centre—motorcycle gang activities

Access Canberra—service enhancements

ACT Health—office for mental health

Homelessness—government funding

Sport—Narrabundah ballpark

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—staffing

Alexander Maconochie Centre—accredited training

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—staffing

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—Reconciliation Day


Suburban Land Agency—land acquisitions—quarterly report

Canberra Institute of Technology—annual report 2017

Apollo 11 mission—50th anniversary

Office for mental health—multicultural dimensions
(Matter of public importance)

Privileges 2018—Select Committee


Australian National University—bullying

Greyhound racing—cruelty reports

ACT Beekeepers Field Day

Drugs—pill testing

Anzac Day

Answers to questions:

ACT Health—invoices (Question No 878)

ACT Health—conferences and seminars (Question No 881)

Health—methadone overdose statistics (Question No 885)

Canberra Hospital—bed occupancy rates (Question No 886)

Canberra Hospital—bed occupancy rates (Question No 896)

Government—commercial lessees (Question No 939)

Municipal services—playgrounds (Question No 944)

Municipal services—playgrounds (Question No 946)

Government—men’s sheds (Question No 951)

Municipal services—public libraries (Question No 952)

Schools—CCTV trial (Question No 953)

Legislative Assembly—travel by members (Question No 983)

Energy—renewable (Question No 984)

Community services—mothers’ groups (Question No 988)

Transport—light rail (Question No 989)

Transport—light rail (Question No 990)

Transport—light rail (Question No 991)

Transport Canberra and City Services—FOI requests (Question No 993)

Transport Canberra and City Services—employee assistance scheme
(Question No 994)

ACTION bus service—staffing (Question No 996)

ACTION bus service—performance (Question No 997)

ACTION bus service—breakdowns (Question No 1001)

ACTION bus service—network (Question No 1002)

Transport—light rail (Question No 1003)

Transport—light rail (Question No 1004)

Light rail—infrastructure damage (Question No 1005)

ACTION bus service—free services (Question No 1006)

Environment—elm leaf beetle (Question No 1007)

Trees—protection (Question No 1008)

Planning—grants to supermarkets (Question No 1009)

Housing—rates (Question No 1011)

Homelessness—abandoned belongings (Question No 1012)

Housing—rates (Question No 1015)

Health—outreach programs (Question No 1019)

Multicultural affairs—community languages (Question No 1020)

Community services—outreach programs (Question No 1022)

National Multicultural Festival—service of alcohol (Question No 1023)

Roads—planning (Question No 1024)

Roads—accident black spots (Question No 1025)

Roads—accident black spots (Question No 1026)

Roads—accident black spots (Question No 1027)

Environment—golden sun moth habitat (Question No 1028)

ACT Health—FOI requests (Question No 1032)

Government—notifiable invoices (Question No 1034)

Government—notifiable invoices (Question No 1035)

Royal Canberra Show—disability parking (Question No 1041)

Child care—centres (Question No 1042)

ACT Ambulance Service—crews (Question No 1046)

ACT Ambulance Service—crews (Question No 1047)

ACT Ambulance Service—crews (Question No 1048)

ACT Ambulance Service—crews (Question No 1050)

Icon Water—water prices (Question No 1054)

Sport—diving (Question No 1056)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—Boomanulla Oval
(Question No 1057)

Education—cultural integrity program (Question No 1064)

Bushfires—warnings (Question No 1065)

ACT public service—overpayment (Question No 1083)

Suburban Land Agency—promotional materials (Question No 1084)

Suburban Land Agency—promotional materials (Question No 1086)

City Renewal Authority—promotional materials (Question No 1087)

Government—tenders (Question No 1095)

ACT Revenue Office—staffing (Question No 1098)

Government—tenders (Question No 1100)

Government—procurement policies (Question No 1101)

ACT Revenue Office—operations (Question No 1103)

Access Canberra—working with vulnerable people applications
(Question No 1108)

Government—communications (Question No 1112)

Government—cybersecurity funding (Question No 1113)

Government—creative services panel (Question No 1114)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—Reconciliation Day Council
(Question No 1116)

ACT Revenue Office—objections (Question No 1118)

Questions without notice taken on notice:

National Multicultural Festival—consultation


Crime—motorcycle gangs

Education—enrolment projections


Land—Dickson purchase

Land—Winslade purchase

Health—cancer patients

Roads—Ashley Drive

Health—cancer patients


Light rail—local employment