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Tuesday, 12 February 2013


MyWay terminals (Pet 1-13)

Deakin shops—safety barriers (No 137)—ministerial response

Leader of the Opposition (Statement by Speaker)

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Racing Amendment Bill 2012

Health (National Health Funding Pool and Administration) Bill 2012 (No 2)

Public Unleased Land Bill 2012

Standing and temporary orders—suspension

Questions without notice:

Health—aged care

Office of Regulatory Services—breach of process




Schools—Taylor Primary School

Hospital—emergency departments

National Multicultural Festival—services


National Multicultural Festival—success


Answer to question on notice:

Question No 54

Executive contracts


Committee reports—government responses

Legislation program—autumn 2013

Financial Management Act—instruments


Government services (Matter of public importance)

Leave of absence

Standing orders (Statement by Speaker)

Public Unleased Land Bill 2012

Mr Richard Stalker—retirement (Statement by Speaker)



National Multicultural Festival

National Multicultural Festival

Pacific Women’s Parliamentary Partnership Forum

Church service

Majura Women’s Group


Lakecare ACT

Debt of Honour

Electric vehicles

Church service

Atlas of Living Australia

Bosom Buddies

Hawker College


Schedule of amendments:

Health (National Health Funding Pool and Administration)
Bill 2012 (No 2)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

National Arboretum Canberra

Hospital emergency department waiting times

Major events at Manuka Oval

Questions without notice:

Auditor-General—audit findings


Children and young people—abuse


Electricity—feed-in tariff


Schools—early intervention program


Health—birthing centre

Environment—Better Place


Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Health—aged care


Aboriginal reconciliation—national apology to stolen generation

Major events at Manuka Oval

Bushfires—management and mitigation

Order of the day—postponement


Transport—light rail


Australia Day awards

Australia Day awards

Aboriginal reconciliation—national apology to stolen generation

Emergency services—workers

Neighbourhood Watch

Convoy for cancer

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Canberra Cavalry baseball team

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Appropriation Bill 2012-2013 (No 2)

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2013

Legislative Assembly—independence from religious faith (Statement by Speaker)

Legislative Assembly—independence from religious faith

Standing orders—suspension

Standing orders—suspension

Gaming Machine Amendment Bill 2013

Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Amendment Bill 2013—
exposure draft

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Public Unleased Land Bill 2012

Directors Liability Legislation Amendment Bill 2012

Financial Management Amendment Bill 2012 (No 2)

Questions without notice:

Health—Preventative Health Taskforce

Distinguished visitor

Questions without notice:

Regional development

Finance—Canberra Centenary Trail

Trees—Kingston Foreshore

Rivett shops—health and safety

ACT Ambulance Service—performance

Lake Tuggeranong—target area grant

Business—red tape reduction

Lake Tuggeranong—pollution

Roads—crash database

Neville Bonner Primary School and Franklin Early Childhood School

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Preventative Health Taskforce

Canberra Centenary Trail

Environment—Better Place

Trees—Kingston Foreshore


Financial Management Act—consolidated financial report

Budget review 2012-2013

Planning and Development Act 2007—schedule of leases

Planning and Development Act 2007—call-in powers

Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission—report

ACT community—government commitments (Matter of public importance)


Bushfire fighters

Softball ACT Australia Day Carnival

Burgmann Anglican School—year 12 graduation

Orientation Week

Education—early childhood

Snakes Alive

Health—drug use

Schedule of amendments:

Public Unleased Land Bill 2012

Answers to questions:

Capital Asset Development Plan (Question No 1)

Hospitals—emergency departments (Question No 2)

Canberra Hospital—Mental Health Assessment Unit (Question No 3)

Canberra Hospital—Adult Mental Health Unit (Question No 4)

Canberra Hospital—operating theatres (Question No 5)

ACT public service—executive staff (Question No 6)

Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate—staff (Question No 7)

Political parties—agreements (Question No 8)

Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate—projects (Question No 9)

Political parties—agreements (Question No 10)

Political parties—agreements (Question No 11)

Environment—carbon neutral fund (Question No 12)

National Arboretum Canberra—insurance (Question No 13)

Health Directorate—staff (Question No 14)

Economic Development Directorate—staff (Question No 15)

Community Service Directorate—staff (Question No 16)

Justice and Community Safety Directorate—staff (Question No 17)

Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate—staff
(Question No 18)

Education and Training Directorate—staff (Question No 19)

Territory and Municipal Services Directorate—staff (Question No 20)

Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate—expenditure (Question No 21)

Health Directorate—expenditure (Question No 22)

Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate—expenditure (Question No 23)

Economic Development Directorate—expenditure (Question No 24)

Community Services Directorate—expenditure (Question No 25)

Justice and Community Safety Directorate—expenditure
(Question No 26)

Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate—expenditure
(Question No 27)

Education and Training Directorate—expenditure (Question No 28)

Territory and Municipal Services Directorate—expenditure
(Question No 29)

Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate—energy usage (Question No 30)

Health Directorate—energy usage (Question No 31)

Economic Development Directorate—energy usage (Question No 32)

Community Services Directorate—energy usage (Question No 33)

Justice and Community Safety Directorate—energy usage
(Question No 34)

Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate—energy usage
(Question No 35)

Education and Training Directorate—energy usage (Question No 36)

Territory and Municipal Services Directorate—energy usage
(Question No 37)

Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate—accommodation
(Question No 38)

Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate—accommodation
(Question No 39)

Health Directorate—accommodation (Question No 40)

Economic Development Directorate—accommodation (Question No 41)

Community Services Directorate—accommodation (Question No 42)

Justice and Community Safety Directorate—accommodation
(Question No 43)

Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate—accommodation
(Question No 44)

Education and Training Directorate—accommodation (Question No 45)

Territory and Municipal Services Directorate—accommodation
(Question No 46)

Roads—speed cameras (Question No 47)

Roads—funding (Question No 48)

Trees—removal (Question No 49)

Parking—spaces (Question No 50)

Roads—repairs (Question No 51)

Parking—meter revenue (Question No 52)

Parking—ticket machines (Question No 53)

ACTION bus service—bike racks (Question No 55)