Page 365 - Week 02 - Tuesday, 12 February 2013

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MS GALLAGHER: I have already said that this is the first time it has been drawn to my attention. If it is incorrect I will come and correct the record, as I do every single time that incorrect data is brought to my attention, whether it be in Health—

Mr Smyth: Sometimes.

MS GALLAGHER: No, not sometimes, Mr Smyth. Every single time, if I have used data incorrectly—

Mr Smyth: That is an absolute statement.

MS GALLAGHER: Mr Smyth, if you would let me answer the question, I do take these matters very seriously. Unlike the opposition, when it comes to matters of truth and integrity, I do take these matters seriously, and, if I have made an error, I will come back and correct the record.

MADAM SPEAKER: Before we go on to the supplementary question could I just point out to members that standing order 117(b)(iii) says that questions should not have an inference. There was an inference in Mr Doszpot’s question about honesty, but there was also an inference in Ms Gallagher’s answer to the question about honesty. I said in the last sitting before Christmas that I think there should be an active exchange of ideas in this place, but I will not tolerate reflections upon people’s character. Mr Doszpot, you have a supplementary question.

MR DOSZPOT: Minister, where else have waiting times for health services increased?

MS GALLAGHER: In relation to the quarterly report, Mr Doszpot?

Mr Doszpot: Yes.

MS GALLAGHER: As I said, I do not have the quarterly report before me, but waiting times, from memory, in that quarterly report had increased in relation to, most obviously, the emergency department. I think if you go back to areas like mental health, areas of cancer and other measures in the report which actually do not deal with waiting times, which are just as important—issues around quality, safety; all of those measures which do form a very large part of the report and a very large part of whether or not you are running a good health system—they were excellent and areas in elective surgery were showing very, very good reductions in waiting times. I note that that must be the case because the opposition are not crowing about elective surgery anymore; they are just focusing on the emergency department. That would be the area where the most significant improvements need to occur.

Office of Regulatory Services—breach of process

MR GENTLEMAN: My question is directed to the Attorney-General. Minister, has there been a complaint received by the Office of Regulatory Services regarding a possible breach of process in the Liberal Party of Australia ACT as an incorporated association?

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