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Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Proposed changes to parking time limits on Elder and Farrer Streets, Braddon—petition No 107—ministerial response

Relocation of Hawdon Street, Dickson, Municipal Depot—petition No 108—ministerial response

Estimates 2010-2011—Select Committee

Privileges 2010—Select Committee

Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services—
Standing Committee

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Territory-Owned Corporations Amendment Bill 2010

Independent reviewer of government advertising

Questions without notice:

Hospitals—waiting times

Schools—adverse health reactions


Questions without notice:

Hospitals—waiting times

Hospitals—waiting times

Planning—development applications


Hospitals—waiting lists

Housing—energy efficiency

Hospitals—waiting times

Capital works—projects

Environment—solar power


Executive contracts

Public Accounts–Standing Committee

Financial Management Act—instruments

Financial Management Act—consolidated financial report

Health, Community and Social Services—Standing Committee

ACT Children’s Plan 2010-2014


ACT government infrastructure plan 2010 (Matter of public importance)

Independent reviewer of government advertising

Duties Amendment Bill 2010

Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2010

Crimes (Sentence Administration) Amendment Bill 2010


CEO sleep-out

Mr Joshua Gordon

Canberra Refugee Support group

Mothers Day classic fun run

Diabetes singing bee

Podmore Foundation

Red Shield Salvation Army doorknock appeal

Vietnam Veterans and Veterans Federation

CEO sleep-out

World Refugee Day

Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Crimes (Sentence Administration) Amendment Bill 2010

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Planning and Development (Notifications and Review) Amendment Bill 2009

Shepherd Centre and Noah’s Ark

Education Amendment Bill 2008

Questions without notice:

Canberra Hospital—alleged bullying

Planning—skate park

ACT Health—alleged bullying

Planning—hot-water heaters

Health—national health agreement

Capital works—budget

Health—national health agreement

Health—national health agreement

ACTION bus service—complaints


Children and young people—engagement

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Planning—development plans

Personal explanation

Education Amendment Bill 2008


Companion animals

Hospitals—waiting lists


Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Education Amendment Bill 2008

Schedule 2: Education Amendment Bill 2008

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Shepherd Centre and Noah’s Ark

Road Transport (Drink Driving) Legislation Amendment Bill 2010

Liquor Bill 2010


Security Industry Amendment Bill 2010

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Executive business—precedence

Public service—pay equity

Crimes (Surveillance Devices) Bill 2010

Construction Occupations Legislation (Exemption Assessment)
Amendment Bill 2010

Questions without notice:

Hospitals—waiting times



Questions without notice:

Hospitals—waiting times

Hospitals—waiting times

Planning—McGregor hall

Housing—stimulus funding

Hospitals—waiting times

Housing—energy efficiency

Hospitals—waiting times

Hospitals—waiting times

Minister for Health (Motion of censure)

Standing and temporary orders—suspension

Questions without notice:

Multicultural affairs—programs

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Hospitals—waiting times

Planning—hot-water heaters


Financial Management Act—instrument

Financial Management Act—instrument

Financial Management Act—instrument

Financial Management Act—instrument


ACTION bus service—network (Matter of public importance)

Crimes (Serious Organised Crime) Amendment Bill 2010


Major General John Whitelaw

ACT national highland dancing championships

Ms Dainere Anthoney

Slow food movement

Lions Club

Childhood Hero Day

Tuggeranong Arts Centre

Multicultural Youth Services

Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Crimes (Surveillance Devices) Bill 2010

Schedule 2: Crimes (Surveillance Devices) Bill 2010

Schedule 3: Crimes (Serious Organised Crime) Amendment Bill 2010

Schedule 4: Crimes (Serious Organised Crime) Amendment Bill 2010

Answers to questions:

Marriage—same sex relationship schemes (Question No 620)

Environment—conservation measures (Question No 624)

Environment—conservation measures (Question No 630)

Environment—conservation measures (Question No 631)

Environment—conservation measures (Question No 633)

Environment—conservation measures (Question Nos 635 and 636)

Public service—staffing (Question No 646)

Public service—staffing (Question Nos 648, 651, 664, 665 and 666)

Public service—staffing (Question No 650)

Public service—staffing (Question No 652)

Public service—staffing (Question No 655)

Public service—staffing (Question No 656)

Public service—staffing (Question No 657 and 658)

Public service—staffing (Question No 659)

Public service—staffing (Question No 661)

Public service—staffing (Question No 667)

Government—appointments (Question No 668)

Government—appointments (Question No 671)

Government—information technology services (Question No 672)

Government—information technology services (Question No 675)

Government—grants programs (Question No 676)

Government—grants programs (Question No 679)

Government—motor vehicles (Question No 680)

Government—motor vehicles (Question No 683)

Government—regulatory impact statements (Question No 684)

Government—regulatory impact statements (Question No 686)

Government—advertising (Question No 688)

Public service—training programs (Question No 692)

Public service—training programs (Question No 695)

Schools—vandalism (Question No 710)

Multiculturalism—programs (Question No 717)

Roads—loading bays (Question No 719)

Seniors—concessions (Question No 725)

Public service—staffing (Question No 726)

Public service—staffing (Question No 734)

Government—appointments (Question Nos 736 and 737)

Government—appointments (Question No 742)

Public service—flex leave (Question No 743)

Government—agency costs (Question No 744)

Public service—staffing (Question No 745)

Public service—training programs (Question No 746)

Government—office leases (Question No 747)

Government—appointments (Question No 748)

Government—information technology services (Question No 749)

Government—grants programs (Question No 750)

Government—motor vehicles (Question No 751)

Government—agency costs (Question No 752)

Government—advertising (Question No 753)

Government—appointments (Question Nos 754, 756 and 757)

Government—appointments (Question No 758)

Public service—overtime and flex leave (Question No 759, 760, 761)

Public service—overtime and flex leave (Question No 762)

Government—agency costs (Question Nos 763, 764 and 765)

Government—agency costs (Question No 766)

Government—agency costs (Question Nos 767, 768, 769)

Government—agency costs (Question No 770)

Public service—training programs (Question Nos 771, 772 and 773)

Public service—training programs (Question No 774)

Government—office leases (Question Nos 775, 776, 777 and 778)

Government—appointments (Question No 779, 780, 781

Government—appointments (Question No 782)

Government—information technology services (Question Nos 783,
784, 785)

Government—information technology services (Question No 786)

Government—grants programs (Question Nos 787, 788 and 789)

Government—grants programs (Question No 790)

Government—motor vehicles (Question No 794)

Government—agency costs (Question Nos 795, 796 and 797)

Government—agency costs (Question No 798)

Government—advertising (Question Nos 799, 800, 801)

Government—advertising (Question No 802)

Public service—overtime and flex leave (Question No 803)

Government—office leases (Question No 807)

Government—motor vehicles (Question No 811)

Government—agency costs (Question No 812)

Disabled persons—students (Question No 817)

Public service—commonwealth liaison staff (Question Nos 820-826,

Government—websites (Question No 842)

Government—websites (Question No 843)

Government—websites (Question Nos 844, 860, 861 and 862)

Government—websites (Question No 848)

Government—websites (Question No 850)

Government—websites (Question No 851)

Government—websites (Question No 853)

Government—websites (Question No 854)

Government—websites (Question No 858)

Government—appointments (Question No 864)

Government—appointments (Question No 865)

Government—appointments (Question No 866)

Government—appointments (Question No 867)

Planning—Ainslie (Question No 868)

Social welfare—low income families (Question No 871)

Public service—staffing (Question No 877)

Emergency Services Agency—leases (Question No 879)

Floriade and Balloon Spectacular (Question No 880)

Public service—staffing (Question No 881)

Tourism—grants (Question No 882)

Tourism—autumn events (Question No 883)

Information technology—strategic plan (Question No 887)

Canberra Hospital—shift rotations (Question No 894)

ACT Health—industrial relations (Question No 897)

Government—appointments (Question No 910)

Government—appointments (Question No 911)

Government—motor vehicles (Question No 913)

Government—motor vehicles (Question No 915)

Government—agency costs (Question No 916)

Government—agency costs (Question No 918)

Government—agency costs (Question No 919)

Public service—training programs (Question No 922)

Public service—training programs (Question No 924)

Public service—staff and training (Question No 925)

Public service—staff and training (Question No 927)

Government—building leases (Question Nos 928, 929 and 930)

Government—information technology services (Question No 931)

Government—grants programs (Question No 934)

Government—grants programs (Question No 936)

Government—advertising (Question No 937)

Government—advertising (Question No 938)

ACTION bus service—fares (Question No 941)

Roads—parking revenue (Question No 944)

Government—departmental costs (Question No 945)

Public service—staffing (Question No 949)

Public service—staffing (Question No 950)

Government—office leases (Question Nos 951 and 952)

Government—appointments (Question No 953)

Government—appointments (Question No 954)

Government—appointments (Question No 955)

Government—information technology services (Question No 957)

Government—information technology services (Question No 958)

Government—grants programs (Question No 960)

Government—motor vehicles (Question No 961)

Government—motor vehicles (Question No 962)

Government—regulatory impact statements (Question No 966)

Government—regulatory impact statements (Question No 967)

Government—regulatory impact statements (Question No 968)

Government—advertising (Question No 969)

Questions without notice taken on notice:

Family and youth services—Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Housing—OwnPlace—Tuesday, 22 June 2010