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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Standing orders—suspension

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body Bill 2008

Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2007

Questions without notice:

Housing—stamp duty

Olympic torch relay

Crime—burglary and motor vehicle

Appropriation Bill 2008-2009:

Ready for the Future

Building the Future

A Strong, Skilled Economy

A Health System for the Future

Excellent Education, Quality Teaching

A Vibrant City and Great Neighbourhoods

A Caring Community

A Fairer, Safer Canberra

A Sustainable Future

Commonwealth-State Financial Relations


Duties Amendment Bill 2008

Executive contracts


Planning and Development Act 2007—schedule of leases


Answers to questions on notice:

Question No 1945

Question Nos 2002 and 2003.

Question Nos 1974, 2005 and 2026.


Schedule of amendments:

Schedule 1: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body Bill 2008.1466

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Matters of public importance (Speaker’s ruling)

Projects of Territory Importance Bill 2008

Anzac Day Bill 2008

Waste Minimisation (Container Recovery) Amendment Bill 2008

Protection of Public Participation Bill 2008

Gas-fired power station

Questions without notice:

Budget—capital works

Planning—Weston Creek

Distinguished visitors

Questions without notice:

Economy—growth forecast

Education—public system

Olympic torch relay

Budget—inflation forecast



Budget—community safety

Capital works—Belconnen


Budget—participatory budgeting (Matter of public importance)

Gas-fired power station

Housing—stamp duty




Community events

Motorcycling festival

Motorcycling festival

Cotter Road caretaker’s cottage

Heart Week


Thursday, 8 May 2008


Cotter Road caretakers cottage

Gas-fired power station

Gas-fired power station

Duties (Landholders) Amendment Bill 2008

Land Rent Bill 2008

National Gas (ACT) Bill 2008

Children and Young People (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2008

ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal Bill 2008

Housing Assistance Amendment Bill 2008

Namadgi national park—revised draft plan of management

Education, Training and Young People—Standing Committee

Questions without notice:

Budget—amenity of public areas

Chief Minister’s Department—staffing

Environment—energy efficiency standards

Budget—skills training

Appropriation Bill 2008-2009

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee

Health and Disability—Standing Committee

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee


Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2007

Civil Partnerships Bill 2006


Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2007

Schedule 2: Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2007

Schedule 3: Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2007

Schedule 4: Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2007

Schedule 6: Civil Partnerships Bill 2006

Answers to questions:

Drugs—statistics (Question No 1825)

Housing—children (Question No 1829)

Public service—consulting services (Question No 1896)

Youth—refuges (Question No 1907)

Housing—Stuart flats (Question No 1927)

Housing—Stuart flats (Question No 1928)

Footpaths (Question No 1941)

Health—malpractice reports (Question No 1943)

Hospitals—pay parking (Question No 1944)

Hospitals—discharge plans (Question No 1945)

ACT government and business taxi forum (Question No 1974)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1982)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1991)

Public service—consulting services (Question No 1992)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1993)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1994)

Public service—focus groups (Question No 1995)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1996)

Downer business centre (Question No 1998)

Children—care database (Question No 1999)

Alexander Maconochie Centre (Question No 2000)

Planning and development—Kerrigan Street, Dunlop (Question No 2001) 1816 Arts and letters—grants (Question No 2002)

Public service—websites (Question No 2004)

Public service—websites (Question No 2005)

Environment—rangers (Question No 2006)

Environment—rangers (Question No 2007)

Public service—websites (Question No 2008)

Public service—websites (Question No 2009)

Public service—websites (Question No 2010)

Public service—websites (Question No 2011)

Public service—websites (Question No 2012)

Public service—websites (Question No 2014)

Public service—websites (Question No 2015)

Public service—websites (Question No 2016)

Public service—websites (Question No 2017)

Public service—websites (Question No 2018)

Public service—websites (Question No 2019)

Public service—websites (Question No 2020)

Health—eating disorders program (Question No 2022)

Disability services (Question No 2023)

Public service—websites (Question No 2024)

Public service—websites (Question No 2025)

ACTION bus services—Theodore terminus (Question No 2027)

Sport—paintball (Question No 2028)

Tharwa bridge (Question No 2029)

Housing—complaints about tenants (Question No 2030)

Public service—privacy (Question No 2031)

Royal Canberra Hospital—implosion (Question No 2032)

Development—application objections (Question No 2034)

Rhodium Asset Solutions Ltd (Question No 2035)

Arts and letters—funding (Question No 2036)

Health—pollen levels (Question No 2037)

ACT Territory Crisis Centre (Question No 2038)

Housing—public properties (Question No 2039)

Hospitals—compensation claims (Question No 2040)

Canberran of the Year (Question No 2041)

Earth Hour—participation (Question No 2043)

2020 Summit (Question No 2044)

Housing—seniors (Question No 2045)