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Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Announcement of member to fill casual vacancy

Oath or affirmation of allegiance

Oath of allegiance by member

Inaugural speech

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Leave of absence

Sentencing Legislation Amendment Bill 2006

Asbestos Legislation Amendment Bill 2006

Animal Welfare Amendment Bill 2006

Pest Plants and Animals Amendment Bill 2006

Standing order 117 (e) (ii)

Questions without notice:

Budget—functional and structural review


Budget—midyear review


Public service—Shared Services Centre

Public service—management

Government—financial responsibility and probity

Planning—development applications

Budget—functional and structural review

Gungahlin Drive extension

Personal explanation

Answers to questions on notice


Executive contracts

Administrative arrangements

Financial Management Act—instruments


Modern working conditions—impact on Canberra families (Matter of public



New Italy settlement—political activity

Mr Andrew Barr

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Consultative Council

Death of Pat Ticehurst

National Folk Festival

Northern Territory budget

Death of Pat Ticehurst

Criminal justice statistics

Death of Pat Ticehurst


Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Registration of Relationships Bill 2006


Budget—functional and structural review

Questions without notice:

Budget—functional and structural review

Policing—vehicle recorders


Ministerial arrangements

Disability services



Budget—functional and structural review

Teachers—wage negotiations

Budget—midyear review


Terrorism (Extraordinary Temporary Powers) Bill 2006

Budget—functional and structural review

Aged care—nurses

Education Amendment Bill 2005

Cardiovascular disease


Private Jake Kovco

Tasmanian mine disaster

Overseas peacekeeping forces


Qantas—Canberra-Sydney flights

Environment—greenhouse gas emissions

Multiculturalism—Sikh community

Mr Zed Seselja


National Australia Bank volunteer awards

Thursday, 4 May 2006

Statute Law Amendment Bill 2006

Legal Profession Bill 2006

Education Amendment Bill 2006

Estimates 2006-2007—Select Committee

Questions without notice:

ActewAGL-Alinta—proposed merger


Gungahlin Drive extension

Australian National University—secondary college

Policing—counter-terrorism legislation



International midwives day



Personal explanation

Supplementary answer to question without notice:

Disability services—accommodation

2004 election

Standing orders–suspension

Auditor-General’s report No 2 of 2006

Land (Planning and Environment) Act—leases


Review of ownership agreements (Ministerial statement)

Standing orders—suspension

Estimates 2006-2007—Select Committee

Estimates 2006-2007—Select Committee

Budget—functional and strategic review (Matter of public importance).

Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2)


Outward Bound

Cirque du Soleil

Environment—renewable energy


Fairbairn Park—lease


Greg award


Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2)

Schedule 2: Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2)

Answers to questions:

Motor vehicles—home-garaged (Question No 849)

Health—breastfeeding (Question No 904)

Housing—emergency accommodation hotline (Question No 933)

Hospitals—bypasses (Question No 942)

Petrol stations (Question No 948)

Mawson oval (Question No 968)

Roads—traffic congestion (Question No 969)

Development—Gowrie (Question No 970)

Planning System Reform Project (Question No 971)

Children—special needs (Question No 972)

Housing ACT—assistance and review panel (Question No 973)

Namadgi National Park—prescribed burning (Question No 975)

Roads—rule changes (Question No 977)

Crime—car theft (Question No 978)

Dogs (Question No 979)

Capital Linen (Question No 980)

Ambulance service (Question No 981)

Policing—interstate assistance (Question No 982)

Canberra Centre—evacuation (Question No 983).

Ambulance service (Question No 984)

National Zoo and Aquarium (Question No 985)

Utilities—licenses (Question No 986)

Crime—assault (Question No 987)

Breast cancer research (Question No 988)

Actuarial services (Question No 989)

Parking—ticket machines (Question No 990)

Tractors—purchases and contracts (Question No 991)

Roads—glass panels (Question No 992)

Emergency Services Authority—communications systems (Question No 993)

Commonwealth-state housing agreement (Question No 994)

Housing—waiting list (Question No 995)

Housing ACT—properties (Question No 996)

Housing ACT—services (Question No 997)

Housing ACT—full market renters (Question No 998)

Magistrates Court—corrections officers (Question No 1000)

Judicial governance (Question No 1002)

Canberra Stadium—food prices (Question No 1003)

Government—publications (Question No 1004)

Land—sales revenue (Question No 1006)

Finance—audited outcomes (Question No 1007)

Sportsgrounds—shaded areas (Question No 1008)

Housing ACT—crisis protocols (Question No 1009)

Housing ACT—legal advice (Question No 1010)

Housing ACT—tenant participation programs (Question No 1011)

Housing ACT—tenant participation programs (Question No 1012)

Housing ACT—tenant participation programs (Question No 1013)

Disabled persons—housing (Question No 1014)

Disabled persons—housing (Question No 1015)

Firelink contract—tenders (Question No 1016)

Policing—witness and victim statements (Question No 1018)

Firelink contract—tenders (Question No 1022)

Industrial relations—bullying (Question No 1024)

Traffic infringements—government vehicles (Question No 1025)

Health—performance management (Question No 1026)

Health—sudden infant death syndrome (Question No 1027)

Psychiatric Services Unit—security (Question No 1028)

Health—breastfeeding (Question No 1029)

ACT Health—accreditation (Question No 1030)

Housing ACT—tenant participation (Question No 1031)

Housing ACT—vulnerable tenants (Question No 1032)

Disabled persons—housing (Question No 1034)

Policing—traffic enforcement (Question No 1039)

Policing—forensic officer (Question No 1041)

Policing—emergency calls (Question No 1042)

Emergency Services Authority—corporate dress (Question No 1043)