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It is mischievous to try to distort the position that was put forward by the Labor Party. It is mischievous to say that consultation has occurred because the Labor Party has said that there will be health facilities there. It is mischievous to say that the community knew that something was going to happen and that that should complete a package of consultation. It is nonsense. How do you make any sense out of that? You just cannot. There is no explanation that would bring you to the conclusion that consultation has occurred. There is certainly no indication that this mob will keep their promises either.

I recall that Mr Moore said during the election campaign that he voted with the Labor Party 60 per cent of the time and with the Liberals 40 per cent of the time; but it seems that 40 per cent of the time includes every time they get themselves in a hole. The Liberals would be very happy about that because, by the look of it, they are going to get in a hole a lot more times, and they will be looking for Michael Moore to save them. That is a shame.

This motion is about a very clear statement from elected members of this Assembly. It is about a very clear statement that hands over the consideration of this issue to the Planning and Environment Committee, which Mr Moore chairs, and a process which Mr Moore claims he is very committed to. That is a process where the committees in this Assembly proceed unfettered. It is now very clear that there is some sort of arrangement between Mr Moore and the Liberals which might lead to a result of some sort about which the rest of us are unclear.

Mr Osborne: Do I have an arrangement too?

MR BERRY: We all had an arrangement a little while ago.

Mr Moore: Arrangements are bad only when they go against you.

MR BERRY: Arrangements are bad only when they are abandoned without notice. The Labor Party sticks to the point of view that there ought to be a motion that is very clear. If you look at all of the answers from the Liberals, and Mrs Carnell in particular, in relation to this whole deal, you could not say that there is any clarity about their position. About the only thing you could say is that it is very unclear and hazy. From our point of view, this is the chance for members to make a clear statement - four lines; a short paragraph - which binds the Government. The Government does not want to be bound, and their record has shown that they do not feel bound by anything. They would be bound by a motion of this Assembly. Now, it seems, they are going to get the chance to skip again.

MR MOORE (4.26): Mr Speaker, it is very interesting how Mr Berry always likes to talk about behind the scenes arrangements and such things. I actually spend much more of my time discussing with Mr Berry what should go on than I do with most other members. I said to Mr Berry that I would support a form of words similar to the one that he eventually came up with prior to question time. It did not include the first line. That was part of the negotiations. Since that time, there has been, in this house, a series of commitments made by the Chief Minister.

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