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Hansard. . . Page.. 260 ..

Mr Berry: With no clarity.

MR MOORE: Mr Berry says, “With no clarity”. He says that they have no clarity at all and that we could clarify them and put them in here. I do not agree with him. Circumstances have changed, because the Chief Minister has made a series of commitments. They are there; they are in Hansard. It is not necessary for this motion to proceed, and that is really the starting point. I must say that I have to be careful.

MR SPEAKER: We are dealing with Ms Horodny’s amendment now.

MR MOORE: I was just going to point out to you, Mr Speaker, that I need to take care to make sure that I continue speaking. The environmental costs and factors including contamination have been referred to. No doubt arrangements have been made, and behind the scenes negotiations have taken place, to ensure that the correct wording appears in the amendment. In fact, I was part of the behind the scenes arrangement here. I suggested to Ms Tucker and Ms Horodny that help from the Clerk is a perfectly normal process in the drafting of such a motion. Perhaps I was part of the behind the scenes arrangements as far as preparing this amendment goes as well. It all depends on how you see these things - what is done behind the scenes, how you negotiate with people and all these things. It is all a perfectly normal process, Mr Speaker.

Mr Berry’s going on in this way makes one cast one's mind back to the notion of casting the first stone. Therefore, Mr Speaker, let me say that, although I see the sense in what is in here - - -

Mr Osborne: We are going to get him back.

MR MOORE: I think it is unnecessary; I think it is redundant.

Mr Whitecross: You are winning him back, Paul.

Mr Osborne: He is wavering; fish on a Friday.

MR MOORE: Mr Osborne is worried that he is losing me right now. No; we are close to each other. You will have noticed, Mr Speaker, that each of us takes his turn as players in question time. We thought that such an arrangement was fair enough. We had it nicely arranged. We try to achieve our goals. With those words, Mr Speaker, I will sit down. I indicate that I will vote against this amendment.

MR HUMPHRIES (Attorney-General) (4.29): I would like to say, Mr Speaker, in speaking to Ms Horodny's amendment this afternoon, that I actually have great admiration - - -

Debate interrupted.

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