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Hansard . . Page.. 258 ..

MR BERRY: Mrs Carnell has admitted, I think - if I can work my way through the words - that there has been no consultation. She relies on some mischievous interpretation of a letter that was sent by Ms Follett about the proposed uses of the peninsula as some form of consultation process which would remind all of the people who might be affected by changes on the Acton site that something was going to happen. What was it that was going to happen down there? I tell you that the only thing they had in front of them was a commitment from the Labor Party to develop health facilities on that site.

Mr Humphries: And housing.

MR BERRY: Mr Humphries, the formerly honest member of the Opposition - - -

Mr Humphries: Oh, come on!

MR BERRY: He said it, Mr Speaker. It is in the Hansard. He said, in Hansard, “I can be honest now I am in opposition”.

Mr Humphries: I take a point of order, Mr Speaker. Mr Berry knows that that is not parliamentary, and he should withdraw.

MR BERRY: I am just quoting Hansard.

MR SPEAKER: I uphold your point of order. The inference was - - -

Ms Follett: He said it.

MR BERRY: He said it; it is in Hansard, sir.

MR SPEAKER: The inference was that Mr Humphries is no longer honest, and I ask that it be withdrawn.

MR BERRY: No, no. Mr Speaker, I said, “The formerly honest member of the Opposition”, and I say to you that he said, “I can be honest now I am in opposition”.

MR SPEAKER: Yes. The inference is that he is no longer honest.

MR BERRY: I withdraw the inference, but the facts are pretty clear.

MR SPEAKER: Thank you. You have withdrawn. Please continue with your comments.

MR BERRY: Mr Speaker, the Liberals have a different view from the Labor Party of what the peninsula is. I recall that the consideration of development of that area included West Basin, right around to the boatshed, which included the peninsula. Mrs Carnell made it clear - well, she said it yesterday and I suppose that it is still the same today - that the peninsula that she has in her sights does not include West Basin.

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