Tuesday, 16 February 1993

Leave of absence to member

Petition: Low income families - school entitlements


Questions without notice:

Payroll tax

Goods and services tax - sporting groups

Crime rates

Planning appeals

Joint venture housing development - Braddon

HomeBuyer loan program

HIV/AIDS patients

ACTION employees - pay rates

Government Service - pay rise

Bonython - high school students

Death of Professor F.C. Hollows

Death of Ms O. Brown

Subordinate legislation and commencement provisions

Land (Planning and Environment) Act leases

Government's priorities and autumn legislation program (Ministerial statement)

Government's vision (Matter of public importance)

Scrutiny of Bills and Subordinate Legislation - standing committee

Administration and Procedures - standing committee

Conservation, Heritage and Environment - standing committee

Social Policy - standing committee

Planning, Development and Infrastructure - standing committee

Land (Planning and Environment) Act - variations to the Territory Plan
(Ministerial statement)

Health Bill 1993

Health (Consequential Provisions) Bill 1993

Offensive words

Statute Law Revision (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No 2) 1992

Evidence (Amendment) Bill 1992

Crimes (Amendment) Bill (No 4) 1992


Answers to questions:

Education and Training portfolio - committees, boards and advisory groups
(Question No 338)

Government schools - average per student costs (Question No 365)

Woden Valley Hospital - MediLINC software package (Question No 410)

Police force - recruitment and training costs (Question No 441)

Department of Education and Training - financial statements (Question No 478)

School based management program (Question No 479)

Capital Golf Course development - betterment premium (Question No 481)

ACTION - stop work meetings (Question No 482)

ACTION - cost reductions (Question No 483)

Cardiac bypass pumps - purchase and disposal (Question No 486)

Bicycle helmets legislation - non-compliance statistics (Question No 487)

Medium density housing development - Charnwood (Question No 488)

Rental Bonds Office - costs and interest (Question No 494)

ACTAID Pty Ltd - financial statements (Question No 498)

Rock concert grants (Question No 499)

Personal development program for boys (Question No 500)

Secretary of the Department of the Environment, Land and Planning -
sexual harassment complaints (Question No 503)

Police force - child interview guidelines (Question No 509)


Wednesday, 17 February 1993

Crimes (Amendment) Bill 1993

Poisons and Drugs (Amendment) Bill 1993

Acton Peninsula

University councils - appointments

Australian flag - display in chamber

Lapse of notice

Government Service - over-award payments, benefits and concessions

Questions without notice:

Government Service - staff numbers

Lanyon High School

Belconnen Remand Centre

Medicare agreement

Hospital in-patient fees

Asbestos removal program

Griffith-Narrabundah Primary School

Goods and services tax - ACTEW

Election campaign sign

Joint venture housing development - Braddon

Belconnen Remand Centre

Medicare agreement

Public works and services program - transfer of funds


Mental Health Review Committee report - government response
(Ministerial statement)

Business Franchise ("X" Videos) (Amendment) Bill 1993

Stamp Duties and Taxes (Amendment) Bill 1993

Business Franchise (Liquor) Bill 1993

Business Franchise (Liquor) (Consequential Amendments) Bill 1993

Magistrates Court (Amendment) Bill 1992

Maintenance (Amendment) Bill 1992

Payroll Tax (Amendment) Bill (No 2) 1992


Goods and services tax - ACTEW

Goods and services tax

Thursday, 18 February 1993

Member's comments (Statement by Speaker)

Petition: Landlord and tenant legislation

Planning, Development and Infrastructure - standing committee

Conservation, Heritage and Environment - standing committee

Drugs of Dependence (Amendment) Bill (No 4) 1992

Poisons and Drugs (Amendment) Bill 1992

Poisons (Amendment) Bill 1992

Drugs of Dependence (Amendment) Bill (No 5) 1992

Questions without notice:

Police budget

Goods and services tax - tourism industry

Police budget

Traffic and parking fines

Belconnen Remand Centre

Police rescue squad

Road maintenance

Water usage

High-tech industries

North Watson development

Hospital in-patient fees

Personal explanation

Medicare agreement - funding of public hospitals (Ministerial statement)

Energy management program (Ministerial statement)

Policing (Matter of public importance)

Land (Planning and Environment) (Amendment) Bill (No 2) 1992

Unit Titles (Amendment) Bill 1992




Answers to questions:

Government Service - staff statistics (Question No 46)

Government Service - staff selection consultants (Question No 244)

Government Service - trainees (Question No 305)

Chief Minister portfolio - committees, boards and advisory groups
(Question No 334)

Government Service - workers compensation payments (Question No 383)

Youth organisations research and development program (Question No 416)

Youth organisations research and development program (Question No 417)

Youth Conservation Corps (Question No 418)

Improve the ACT program (Question No 419)

Aboriginal deaths in custody - officer training (Question No 436)

Aboriginal education program (Question No 437)

Housing Trust properties - Wanniassa (Question No 443)

Public and private rental housing costs (Question No 444)

Housing Trust - emergency and priority housing (Question No 464)

Housing Trust - rent arrears (Question No 472)

Housing Trust - rent and rental rebate defaulters (Question No 473)

X-rated videos - raids on premises (Question No 484)

Housing Trust - energy efficient houses (Question No 485)

Housing Trust - ex-prisoner tenants (Question No 495)

Housing Trust - emergency housing of new arrivals (Question No 496)

Housing Trust - problem tenants (Question No 497)

Fire Brigade - industrial relations (Question No 508)

Drivers licences - health questions (Question No 510)

Library Service - American Psycho (Question No 524)

Road safety - through-traffic study (Question No 525)

Library Service - Kippax library (Question No 542)

Library Service - Weston Creek (Question No 543)


Appendix 1: Government Service - pay rise

Appendix 2 : Bonython - high school students