Page 4155 - Week 14 - Wednesday, 23 October 1991

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Mr Berry: On a point of order, Mr Speaker: Supplementary questions have to do with the answer to the substantive question. He is wasting our time.

MR COLLAERY: I wish to add to it, Mr Speaker.

Mr Berry: He will have a chance to ask a supplementary question when I answer the first one.

MR SPEAKER: Order! We are wasting more time with the debate than if I allowed him to ask the question. Please proceed, Mr Collaery. I think you are close to being out of order.

MR COLLAERY: Thank you, Mr Speaker. My supplementary question is: Does the fact that you have to take this on notice reveal that you do not have a clue about what you are doing?

MR BERRY: I treat that with the contempt it deserves, Mr Speaker.

Bruce Stadium - Lease by Canberra Raiders

MRS NOLAN: Mr Speaker, my question is addressed to Mr Berry in his capacity as Minister for Sport, and it is with reference to the Bruce Stadium. Mr Berry, are you aware that the salary pay-outs committee decided by a majority that the salary cap for the Canberra Raiders for the season 1992 would be increased to $1.5m, subject to certain conditions? One of those conditions was that satisfactory arrangements be made with the ACT Government for the ongoing use of the Bruce Stadium. Have those arrangements been completed? If not, when will they be completed, and is it likely that the club will lose their salary cap?

MR BERRY: The Bruce Stadium issue, of course, is an issue that has had to be dealt with by this Government because of the failure of the former Government - - -

Mr Kaine: Because of the bodgie contract entered into by your Government last time round.

MR SPEAKER: Order! Please proceed, Mr Berry.

MR BERRY: As I was saying, Mr Speaker, it is because of the failure of the Alliance Government to deal with the problem. There was an exclamation from the former Chief Minister in relation to that matter; but, of course, he has to bear the responsibility for it because he was then the Treasurer and responsible for the management of the Government that he headed. The next person to wear some of this responsibility is Mr Collaery, because Mr Collaery

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