Page 4156 - Week 14 - Wednesday, 23 October 1991

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failed to negotiate a satisfactory agreement for the contract at the Bruce Stadium. I am pleased to say that, after a long period of waiting under the previous Government, I have taken early steps to - mind you, I have to say that I do not have any - - -

Mr Jensen: That is what you said last time, Wayne. You said that a month ago.

MR SPEAKER: Order! Please proceed, Mr Berry.

MR BERRY: The salary cap for the Raiders is not my ministerial responsibility and I will not respond to that matter. I will, however, respond at length on the Bruce Stadium. I have taken early steps to arrange payment by the Raiders of the debt to the ACT Government. I have already held discussions - on Wednesday, 4 September - with representatives from the New South Wales Rugby League, the Raiders and the Queanbeyan United Football Club. They were discussions about the way in which the Government would recover the money which was outstanding to the previous Government, and I am currently arranging to discuss that with my Cabinet colleagues.

This situation matches many of the messes which have been left for this Government to rectify. Take one example - Mr Humphries puts his face in his hands, and so he ought to - health.

Mr Humphries: You cannot keep blaming us forever, Wayne.

MR BERRY: We can keep blaming you for quite some time yet because you wear the responsibility for failing to do anything about it. The Government is dealing with the issue of Bruce Stadium. It will continue to negotiate with the parties to settle this issue. It is a matter for discussion between the parties, and there will be further consultation on the issue.

MRS NOLAN: I ask a supplementary question. My question was: Have these arrangements been completed? If not, when will they be completed?

MR BERRY: I gave the answer.

Draft Territory Plan

MR MOORE: My question is addressed to Mr Wood as Minister for Planning. What is the Government doing to ensure that copies of the draft Territory Plan are available to interested community groups; and, if interested bona fide community groups wish to obtain copies of the draft Territory Plan, will those copies be made available at no cost?

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