Page 4154 - Week 14 - Wednesday, 23 October 1991

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The answer is a simple one: When I was determining what should be done in Weston Creek, I considered a range of options; that is, the way I should approach the community was not clearly to be one path or another. In the end, in the case of the former Holder High School that you closed, I took a particular path. I could as easily have taken another path, but I did not.

When I had discussions with the community association at Hackett, it was keen to take the running on this matter. I gave it some careful thought and said, "That is an appropriate way to go".

Mr Humphries: It was not for Cook or Lyons, was it?

MR WOOD: And with Cook and Lyons, yes indeed. Let me come to that. The indication from the community over a very long period - as you would well know - was of sufficient emphasis and clarity to make it quite clear that those two schools should be reopened and were quite sustainable. Indeed, that has been clearly shown with the number of enrolments so far and the anticipated enrolments for next year.

Hospital Redevelopment Project : Public Hospital Beds

MR COLLAERY: My question is directed to the Minister for Health, Mr Berry. I ask Mr Berry, firstly, whether he has a functional plan for the hospital redevelopment project. I wish the answer to be yes or no. If yes, will he release it to the public, or at least the members of this Assembly? Secondly, does he have, or has he seen, or has he been briefed on, the bed requirements projections for the public hospital system through to the year 2000 and, if so, does he agree that the projections that he has show the bed requirements being a total of 1,259 at the year 2000?

MR BERRY: The question is a long and detailed one. I will take that one on notice, Mr Speaker.

MR COLLAERY: I have a supplementary question, Mr Speaker.

MR SPEAKER: I do not believe that it is possible to have a supplementary question when you have not been given an answer to the first one, Mr Collaery.

MR COLLAERY: I want to supplement the Minister's answer, Mr Speaker. I wish to supplement his answer that he wishes to take the question on notice.

MR SPEAKER: Please proceed.

MR COLLAERY: Will you also, Mr Minister, take on notice my supplementary question?

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