Tuesday, 20 February 1990

Petition: Birthing centre

Questions without notice:

Zero-based budgeting

Planning leases

Directives to government employees

Public asset sales

Public housing

Executive Deputies' duties

Child abuse clinic

Planning leases

Funding priorities

Borrowing restrictions

Ministerial council meetings

Borrowing requirements

Women in the Public Service

Bicycle helmets

ACT government employees

Hospital planning

Flooding in Theodore

Status of women

Proceedings - authority to record broadcast and photograph

Personal explanations

Asbestos removal program (Ministerial statement)

Suspension of standing and temporary orders

Tuggeranong swimming complex

Personal explanation

Social justice issues (Matter of public importance)

Tenancy of commercial premises - select committee report

Priorities Review Board

Motor Vehicles (Dimensions and Mass) Bill 1990


Federal Labor government

Federal election

Adjournment debates

Health services

Human rights violations in Vietnam

Wednesday, 21 February 1990

Publications Control Amendment Bill 1990 [No 2]

Transfer of policing - proposed select committee

Personal explanation

Very fast train project

Questions without notice:

Recording of Question time

Shop leases - Downer


Tourist Commission

Assembly Members' behaviour

Police force

Publications Control (Amendment) Bill 1990

Health promotion

Planning - leases

Wealth tax

Very fast train

Bruce Stadium

Tuggeranong - Calwell group centre site

Child-care facilities


Asbestos storage

Gowrie Hostel

Schools Authority - 1989-90 report (Ministerial statement and paper)

Sports policy (Matter of public importance)

Personal explanation

Discharge of order of the day


Discharge of order of the day

Postponement of orders of the day


Thursday, 22 February 1990

Public behaviour - social policy standing committee report

HIV illegal drugs and prostitution - select committee

Day of next meeting

Planning and heritage - draft legislation (Ministerial statement)

Weapons Bill 1990

Domestic Violence (Amendment) Bill 1990

Scrutiny of Bills and Subordinate Legislation - select committee

Questions without notice:

Expenditure cuts

Hazardous toys

Asbestos storage

Influenza epidemic

Planning legislation

National capital plan

Environmental education

ACT risk insurance

Mr Speaker

Multicultural policy

Ministerial propriety

Asbestos removal

Executive Deputies

Executive Deputies

Civic Square redevelopment

Legislative Assembly precincts

Personal explanation

Question without notice: Asbestos storage

Personal explanations

Canberra leasehold system (Matter of public importance)

Motor Traffic (Amendment) Bill (No 2) 1990


Motor Traffic (Amendment) Rill (No 2) 1990

Suspension of standing and temporary/orders

Qualifications of candidates - federal election


Executive Deputies

National Exhibition Centre

Mental health service


Answers to questions:

Water table (Question No 87)

Flora and fauna (Question No 103)


Top thirty most populate sports in the ACT