Page 441 - Week 02 - Thursday, 22 February 1990

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Thursday, 22 February 1990


MR SPEAKER (Mr Prowse) took the chair at 10.30 am and read the prayer.


MR WOOD (10.30): Mr Speaker, I present the report of the Standing Committee on Social Policy on Public Behaviour in the ACT, together with copies of the minutes of proceedings of the committee. I move:

That the recommendations be agreed to.

This inquiry arose out of a political debate. You will recall that it came out of the considerable arguments that occurred in this chamber on the proposed move-on powers. There were quite a number of disagreements at that time, but I can tell you that the deliberations of the committee have been characterised by harmony and consensus. We have an agreed document; a unanimous report. Maybe I left out one or two matters that I would like to have seen included - and I know that some of my colleagues have included additional comments to amplify some of their views.

I thank my colleagues for the cooperative nature of the work that we did. It was, I suppose, an enjoyable experience. It was interesting and enlightening. I thank Mr Stevenson with whom on one night - he was the only bright part of the night's entertainment - we saw some of the so-called entertainment places in this town at very early hours of the morning.

I thank Dr Ann Scott and Christine Windsor who have provided outstanding service to the committee. They are people of great ability and great dedication, and they have played a more important role than many realise in getting this report to the table today. The report itself, as you notice, is a little off-centre with the printing, but it is spot on in what it says.

We were required to consider the problems, if any, relating to public behaviour. We were to look at the extent of those problems and to suggest means of overcoming them. Let me say at the outset that there is a measure of violence in Canberra as in any city in the world, and that has not changed over many centuries around the world. There is a measure of violence and we do not condone that. I do want to mention particularly the very unfortunate case where a young lad was kicked to death at a primary school

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