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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Environment and Transport and City Services—Standing Committee


Tuggeranong town centre masterplan—petition 11-18

Charnwood group centre recycling bins—petition 16-18

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Planning and Urban Renewal—Standing Committee

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Estimates 2018-2019—Select Committee

Ministerial trade delegation to South-East Asia (Ministerial statement)

Asbestos-related works across Canberra (Ministerial statement)

Government Procurement (Secure Local Jobs) Amendment Bill 2018

Standing orders—suspension

Appropriation Bill 2018-2019

Questions without notice:



Questions without notice:

Planning—Curtin shops

Canberra Hospital—radiology department

Canberra Hospital—radiology department

Federal government—territory rights

Canberra Hospital—radiology department

Light rail—safety

Energy—national energy guarantee

ACTION bus service—consultation

Roads—Gundaroo Drive


Animals—dangerous dogs

Minister for Health and Wellbeing—government confidence

Government—rural assistance



Financial Management Act—consolidated financial report


Planning and Urban Renewal—Standing Committee

Planning and Development Act—variation No 329 to the Territory Plan

Planning and Development Act—variation No 344 to the Territory Plan


Leave of absence

Appropriation Bill 2018-2019


Reclink Community Cup

Appropriation Bill 2018-2019—mental health

Australian Federation of Korean Communities

Australian Federation of Korean Communities

Lyneham Commons


Mr Shaun Fahey—tribute

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Petition: Bridge paths—petition 2-18 (Ministerial response)

Reproductive health products and advice—access

Community clubs—taxation

ACTION bus service—timetable changes

Questions without notice:




Waste—green bins

Taxation—unit rating system

Mental health—efficiency targets

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—family services

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children—upgrade program

ACT Health—executive salaries

Budget—support for emergency services

Education—disability funding

Budget—assistance for veterans and seniors

Budget—pensioner concessions

Budget—pensioner concessions

Tourism—international visitors

Supplementary answer to question without notice:

Light rail—safety

ACTION bus service—timetable changes

Australian Broadcasting Corporation—funding levels

Rulings from the chair

Canberra Hospital—radiology department


Senator Fraser Anning—first speech

Senator Fraser Anning—first speech

Territory rights

Canberra Symphony Orchestra

Senator Fraser Anning—first speech

Territory rights

Light Up Lyneham

Campbell Community Association

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Rulings from the chair (Statement by Speaker)


Petition: Mitchell light rail stop—petition 6-18 (Ministerial response)

Future of education (Ministerial statement)

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children (Ministerial statement)

Civil Law (Wrongs) (Child Abuse Claims Against Unincorporated Bodies)
Amendment Bill 2018

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction (Principal Target)
Amendment Bill 2018

Remonstrance—democratic rights of citizens of the ACT

Questions without notice:


Environment—Lake Burley Griffin

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children—upgrade program

Carers—support services

Molonglo Valley—shopping facilities

Education—future strategy

Planning—Yarralumla brickworks

ACT Policing—criminal gangs


Gungahlin—nurse-led walk-in centre



Clubs—community contributions


National Multicultural Festival—government support

Supplementary answer to question without notice:

Mental health—efficiency targets

Personal explanations

Appropriation Bill 2018-2019—part 1.4


Domestic animals—services management and staff resources

ACT Children and Young People Death Review Committee—report

Remonstrance—democratic rights of citizens of the ACT

Appropriation Bill 2018-2019


Answers to questions:

Planning—Yarralumla (Question No 1333)

Transport—electric cars (Question No 1361—revised answer)

Government—vehicle fleet (Question No 1380—revised answer)

Roads—Tillyard and Ginninderra drives (Question No 1454)

Roads—safety (Question No 1457)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1459)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1460)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1461)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1462)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1463)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1464)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1465)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1466)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1467)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1468)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1469)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1470)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1471)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1472)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1473)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1474)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1475)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1476)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1477)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1478)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1479)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1480)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1481)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1482)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1483)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1484)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1485)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1486)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1487)

Government—directorate integrity (Question No 1488)

Municipal services—shopping trolleys (Question No 1490)

Municipal services—street lights (Question No 1491)

Transport Canberra and City Services—staffing (Question No 1492)

ACT Health—cystic fibrosis treatment services (Question No 1493)

Arts—venues (Question No 1494)

ACT Health—proposed organisational changes (Question No 1495)

ACT Health—proposed organisational changes (Question No 1496)

ACT Health—proposed organisational changes (Question No 1497)

Mental health—psychiatric services (Question No 1498)

Answers to questions on notice—costs (Question No 1499)

Roads—accident black spots (Question No 1500)

Municipal services—path upgrades (Question No 1501)

Schools—trees (Question No 1502)

Heritage—representative Aboriginal organisations (Question No 1503)

Government—community organisations support (Question No 1504)

Public housing—relocations (Question No 1505)

Public housing—renewal program (Question No 1506)

Schools—community organisations (Question No 1507)

ACT Policing—Neighbourhood Watch (Question No 1508)

ACT Policing—cycling infringements (Question No 1509)

Municipal services—libraries (Question No 1510)

Roads—traffic signals (Question No 1511)

ACTION bus service—patronage (Question No 1512)

Planning—development applications (Question No 1513)

Planning—community facility zoning (Question No 1514)

ACTION bus service—drivers (Question No 1515)

Roads—projects (Question No 1516)

ACTION bus service—patronage (Question No 1517)

Access Canberra—service delivery (Question No 1518)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1519)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1520)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1521)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1522)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1523)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1524)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1525)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1526)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1527)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1528)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1529)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1530)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1531)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1532)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1533)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1534)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1535)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1536)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1537)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1538)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1539)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1540)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1541)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1542)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1543)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1544)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1545)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1546)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1547)

ACT public service—contractors (Question No 1548)

Planning—land use (Question No 1549)

Disability services—funding (Question No 1550)

Business—Fyshwick (Question No 1551)

Planning—Fyshwick (Question No 1552)

Minister for Health and Wellbeing—meetings (Question No 1553)

Minister for Mental Health—meetings (Question No 1554)

Government—contractors (Question No 1555)

Government—contractors (Question No 1556)

ACT Policing—gun ownership (Question No 1557)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—programs (Question No 1558)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—Reconciliation Day
(Question No 1559)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—programs (Question No 1560)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—programs (Question No 1561)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—housing (Question No 1562)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—health services (Question No 1563)

Health—chemotherapy (Question No 1564)

Questions without notice taken on notice:

Senator for the Australian Capital Territory—casual vacancy

ACTION bus service—Xpresso services