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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Minister for Health and Wellbeing (Motion of no confidence)


Safe and inclusive schools initiative—petition 25-17

Bridge paths—petition 2-18

Proposed Kingston nursing home—petition 9-18

Ministerial responses:

Car park closure in O’Malley—petition 3-18

Downer community centre—petitions 1-18 and 5-18

Safe and inclusive schools initiative—petition 25-17

Education, Employment and Youth Affairs—Standing Committee

Office for mental health—proposed model and functions (Ministerial statement)

Land Tax Amendment Bill 2018

Questions without notice:

Hospitals—waiting times

Answers to questions on notice—costs

Hospitals—waiting times

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children—complaints


Centenary Hospital for Women and Children—complaints

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children—complaints

Planning—Curtin master plan


Questions without notice:

Planning—Curtin master plan

ACT Health—governance

ACT Health—workplace culture

Education—future strategy

Calvary hospital—alleged bullying

Disability services—grants

Hospitals—discharge policy

Canberra Hospital—accreditation


Supplementary answer to question without notice:

Homelessness—government funding


Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Community Services Directorate—freedom of information request

Environment—bees (Matter of public importance)

Planning and Development (Lease Variation Charge Deferred Payment
Scheme) Amendment Bill 2018

Waste Management and Resource Recovery Amendment Bill 2018

Planning, Building and Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2018




Australian frontier wars

Ronald McDonald House fundraising ball

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Magistrates Court (Retirement Age of Magistrates) Amendment Bill 2018

Orders of the day—discharge




Questions without notice:

Senator for the Australian Capital Territory—casual vacancy

Emergency services—communications

Light rail—stage 2

Roads—Ashley Drive

Trade unions—influence on government

Trade unions—influence on government

ACT Health—proposed organisational changes

Women—government support

ACT Health—proposed organisational changes

Canberra Hospital—accreditation

Housing—housing choices

Light rail—stage 1 construction

Schools—Weston preschool

Casino Canberra—development proposal

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—assault allegations

Federal government—budget


Animals—dangerous dogs


Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—foetal health


Christopher Latham—tribute

Anzac Day

Federal government—budget




Katy Gallagher—tribute



Katy Gallagher—tribute

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee

ACT Health—system-wide data review quarterly update (Ministerial statement)

Ombudsman Amendment Bill 2018

Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Amendment Bill 2018

Veterinary Practice Bill 2018

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2018

Casino and Other Gaming Legislation Amendment Bill 2018

Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2018

Standing order 30—amendment

Privileges 2018 (No 2)—Select Committee

Executive members’ business—precedence

Drugs—pill testing

Questions without notice:


Federal government—facial recognition scheme

Animals—dangerous dogs

Sport—international fixtures

Industrial relations—work safety

National Multicultural Festival—service of alcohol

Canberra Hospital—adult mental health unit

Greyhound racing—government policy

Planning—land use

Education—gifted and talented students


Aboriginals and Torres Straight Islanders—health services

Rural fire services—Molonglo

Work safety—young workers


Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Animals—dangerous dogs

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—assault allegations

Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission—reports

Land Development Agency 2016-2017 annual report—corrigendum

Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate—freedom of information


Executive members’ business—precedence

Drugs—pill testing

Australian public service—impact of relocations (Matter of public importance)

End of Life Choices in the ACT—Select Committee

Privileges 2018—Select Committee

Road Transport Reform (Light Rail) Legislation Amendment Bill 2018


Sport—Gungahlin Jets

Light rail—stage 1 construction

Waste—food waste

Tuggeranong 55 Plus Club

Legislative Assembly—visitors

Public housing—community program

Australian Medical Association ACT

Answers to questions on notice—costs

Katy Gallagher—tribute

Children and young people—achievements


Schedule of amendments:

Schedule 1: Road Transport Reform (Light Rail) Legislation Amendment
Bill 2018

Answers to questions:

Torrens—car park (Question No 945)

National Multicultural Festival—participation (Question No 1021)

Roads—traffic management (Question No 1029)

Canberra Hospital—drinking water (Question No 1031)

Health—communications (Question No 1033)

Government—music grants (Question No 1037)

Education—international students (Question No 1038)

Schools—social media (Question No 1039)

Municipal services—street sweeping (Question No 1040)

Parking—spaces (Question No 1043)

ACT Policing—recruitment (Question No 1044)

Crime—ACT Crime Stoppers hotline (Question No 1045)

ACT Policing—staffing (Question No 1049)

ACT Ambulance Service—crews (Question No 1051)

ACT Policing—staffing (Question No 1053)

Energy—solar (Question No 1055)

Crime—Gungahlin (Question No 1058)

Sport—ground maintenance (Question No 1059)

Parking—infringements (Question No 1060)

Waste—smart bins (Question No 1061)

Schools—Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
(Question No 1062)

Schools—Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
(Question No 1063)

Environment—carbon emissions (Question No 1066)

Waste—recycling (Question No 1067)

Multicultural affairs—community language grants program
(Question No 1068)

Domestic and family violence—government initiatives
(Question No 1069)

Roads—accident black spots (Question No 1070)

Roads—accident black spots (Question No 1071)

Roads—accident black spots (Question No 1072)

Roads—accident black spots (Question No 1073)

Roads—traffic management (Question No 1074)

Roads—traffic management (Question No 1075)

Roads—traffic management (Question No 1076)

Roads—traffic management (Question No 1077)

Ginninderra Creek—flood mitigation (Question No 1078)

Public housing—complaints (Question No 1079)

ACTION bus service—staffing (Question No 1080)

Transport—light rail (Question No 1081)

Transport—light rail (Question No 1082)

City Renewal Authority—promotional materials (Question No 1085)

Government—fees and charges (Question No 1088)

Government—taxes and charges (Question No 1092)

Westside village—costs (Question No 1093)

Westside village—costs (Question No 1094)

Government—services (Question No 1096)

Government—procurement policies (Question No 1097)

Federal government—financial disputes (Question No 1099)

Government—taxes and charges (Question No 1102)

Municipal services—mowing (Question No 1104)

ACTION bus service—repairs (Question No 1105)

ACTION bus service—costs (Question No 1106)

Municipal services—mowing (Question No 1107)

Access Canberra—service delivery (Question No 1109)

Westside village—costs (Question No 1110)

Planning—easements (Question No 1111)

Government—sister city agreement (Question No 1115)

Health—cancer treatment (Question No 1117)

Government—communications (Question Nos 1119-1147)

Government—communications (Question Nos 1148-1176)

Government—FOI requests (Question Nos 1177-1205)

Government—FOI requests (Question Nos 1206-1234)

Government—communications (Question Nos 1235-1263)

Answers to questions on notice—costs (Question No 1272)

Education—gifted and talented program (Question No 1273)

Taxation—city centre marketing and improvements levy
(Question No 1274)

Taxation—city centre marketing and improvements levy
(Question No 1275)

Trees—damage penalties (Question No 1277)

Taxation—rates (Question No 1278)

ACT Architects Board—complaint (Question No 1280)

Government—support for Common Ground (Question No 1282)

Roads—Civic cycle loop (Question No 1283)

Schools—cybersafety (Question No 1294)

Government—demographic projections (Question No 1298)

Land—block 6, Dickson (Question No 1301)

Taxation—utilities network facilities tax (Question No 1303)

Taxation—stamp duty (Question No 1304)

Insurance—third party (Question No 1305)

Insurance—third party (Question No 1306)

Insurance—third party (Question No 1307)

Government—contingent workforce scheme (Question No 1308)

Government—contracting (Question No 1309)

Taxation—utilities network facilities tax (Question No 1310)

Taxation—energy industry levy (Question No 1311)

ACTION bus service—patronage data (Question No 1313)

Government—will bank service (Question No 1316)

Energy—regulation (Question No 1317)

Questions without notice taken on notice:

Tuggeranong—town centre upgrade

Land—Dickson purchase

Land—Dickson purchase

Suburban Land Agency—rural subleases


Municipal services—signage

Land—Dickson purchase

Domestic animal services—dogs

Greyhound racing—draft code of practice

Greyhound racing—draft code of practice

ACTION bus service—pets

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—staffing