Page 3070 - Week 10 - Wednesday, 16 September 2015

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who understand that if we want to get business going back into Civic and back into the town centres and investing and building our city, they need the incentive to do so. They will be deterred by a punitive tax regime and they will go interstate. I am glad that it has been recognised as good policy by the Property Council, amongst others.

In terms of the amendment by Mr Barr, let me again refute the myth about the federal public service job cuts. Eighty-five per cent or more of the jobs that were cut were cut by the federal Labor government, by Kevin Rudd when he took a meat axe—in his words—to the federal public service. That was confirmed by the Secretary to the Department of Finance. You might want to spread that myth; maybe you will get some traction with it. I do fear, Mr Barr, that you are on yesterday’s script.

MADAM DEPTY SPEAKER: Through me, Mr Hanson.

MR HANSON: Through you, Madam Deputy Speaker, Mr Barr is continuing to rail against the federal Liberal government. Clearly he has not seen today’s Roy Morgan poll. He is still in here. I notice Mr Barr has worn his bluest of blue ties; so perhaps he is one of those, according to the polls, who come and go. It is illustrative that there are more Labor voters who support the Liberal Prime Minister than Labor voters who support the Labor opposition leader. Mr Barr comes in here with his fear and loathing and class warfare and tries to smear and cause fear with his mistruths about the federal public service job cuts, but I wonder whether his blue tie is one of his signals that he is indeed one of those that support the Liberal Prime Minister more than his own opposition leader. Given that it is Bill Shorten, who can blame him?

I wonder whether Mr Rattenbury, equally, is one of the 57 per cent of Greens who prefer the Liberal Prime Minister to the Labor leader. It is interesting. I think that Mr Barr not only needs to have a more truthful script about the origins of those job cuts but also he needs to reconsider that comparing the Canberra Liberals with the federal Liberals every time the Canberra Liberals come up with something might not be working anymore for him. He does not seem to have a critique of the Canberra Liberals. He has been manifestly unable to pin us down for the last three years with a critique. His only lines have been, “Federal public service job cuts. The federal Liberals; no-one likes them.” That does not seem to be working for you, Mr Barr, because, firstly, it is not true and, secondly, there are more Labor members now supporting the Liberal Prime Minister than the federal opposition leader. Madam Deputy Speaker, I have digressed.

Mr Rattenbury: You certainly have.

MR HANSON: Mr Rattenbury does not like that. Oh no, he does not like it at all. Let us have more planning that will bring densification and activity to the CBD, because we have seen planning under Mr Barr. I invite you, Madam Deputy Speaker, to go down to the pop up. Go to the container village and see what Mr Barr’s planning regime looks like. Rather than getting the developers and the builders to create in our town centres and the CBD, go down see what the container village looks like. Put your big top hat on, your mad hatter’s hat on, and go down, as Mr Barr did, and look at the container village. That is what planning looks like under Mr Barr. Unfortunately, we are not seeing activity happening in the CBD and the town centres under this punitive and unworkable tax regime.

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