Page 2685 - Week 09 - Wednesday, 12 August 2015

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outcome than Mr Doszpot put forward in his motion. I welcome the fact that the Chief Minister has put some considerable thought into this and has come up with some options that provide greater clarity to the community and answer some of the questions that are out there.

I think it goes further than the original motion, and that is a good outcome. I would like to think that we can all agree today with Mr Barr’s amendment, because it certainly goes a long way to delivering the outcomes that the community are seeking, which is the protection of the tennis courts, greater clarity for Mocca and a commitment to further discussion with the community.

If I were to canvass a range of people who have spoken to me about this, they are the key points that they have raised with me. Minister Barr has made clear commitments and undertakings, both in his amendment today and in his remarks this morning. For me it is all about getting outcomes for the community. I do not care whose amendment gets up in this place as long as we get the right outcome. That is why I will be voting to support Mr Barr’s amendment today, because it delivers the outcome that the people I have been talking to—

Mr Hanson: If you don’t care, vote for Steve’s.

MR RATTENBURY: I said that I do not care whose amendment gets up in this place as long as we get the right outcomes. I will clarify that because again the cheap shots coming from across the chamber are seeking to twist my words. I do not care whose words go into the record as long as it is the right outcome for the community. That is what it is about. That is what the community expects us to deliver and that is what I am here to do as part of my job as a Greens member in this place.

So I will be supporting Mr Barr’s amendment today. I thank him for the discussions that have gone on, particularly in the last 24 hours. I would like to thank the community members who I was in discussion with through my office last night. I think those conversations went on until about 10 o’clock or so. It was a late night. Fortunately, we were sitting, but I appreciate that community members had a late night as well in giving my office feedback on the best way to proceed with this.

Today, hopefully when we leave this place, members of the community will have a clear sense that a lot of things they have been talking about and asking for have been addressed and that we can continue to work through the bottom line here, in helping the Canberra Services Club to find a new venue. I hope we can focus on that and get a good outcome, without considering some of the collateral that has come into the equation prior to this.

MR DOSZPOT (Molonglo) (10.42): First of all I note the amendment moved by Mr Barr. Of course such tactics never come as a surprise to us on this side of the chamber. Mr Barr invariably tries to water down any of the motions that we bring into this chamber and invariably Mr Rattenbury agrees with the watered down versions. Mr Barr in his amendment to my motion has quite a number of notes and he tries to rewrite history. What we have been given is an accurate and historical account of what has taken place behind the scenes. All of those Mr Barr would like to see out of

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