Page 2684 - Week 09 - Wednesday, 12 August 2015

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Failing that, and if expectations have been raised with development partners such as the DHA of development on the larger site within which Mocca sits, the site could be planned in such a way that Mocca could be incorporated within the development. With three street frontages, adequate separation and privacy could be achieved between childcare facilities, a club and entrances to apartments. This could either involve leaving the current Mocca facility where it is, with the parts of the larger site being developed, or include a new Mocca facility as part of the redevelopment, with a staging plan to ensure Mocca’s operations are not disrupted. Alternatively, if commitments have been made to DHA for development in this area, redevelopment of the Stuart flats site could provide an opportunity for either DHA and/or Mocca.

I have not investigated the detailed merits of each of these opportunities, and each of them will have their pluses and minuses. The observation I am seeking to make is that there are a number of scenarios here that do warrant further discussion and present a range of opportunities.

I note that a planning report was commissioned by the Telopea Park P&C that also identifies a range of alternative sites for Mocca throughout the inner south. Again each of those will have its issues but I think there is an opportunity to assess the viability of those sites. I certainly welcome the fact that an investigation has begun into one of the alternative sites in Griffith. I was at Griffith shops for a community engagement morning recently and got a range of feedback. The Chief Minister in his amendment has noted there are some diverse views on the merits of that site. Some see it as a very positive option; others are concerned by the loss of open space.

Having made those general remarks, I turn to Mr Doszpot’s motion and to the amendment moved by the Chief Minister. The fact that Mr Doszpot has brought this matter to the Assembly is a good outcome. It has given us a chance to discuss it in this place, despite a lot of the discussion that has gone on in other venues. I had considered putting forward my own amendment to Mr Doszpot’s motion, and I had circulated that amendment to my colleagues in the Assembly. Mr Barr has since come forward with his amendment, and I will be supporting Mr Barr’s amendment today because I have—

Mr Doszpot: Surprise, surprise!

MR RATTENBURY: Mr Doszpot, if you are going to take that sort of attitude—through you, Madam Speaker—I will explain exactly why. It is because Mr Doszpot’s motion calls on the government to explain clearly to Mocca, to explain to Telopea Park School and to commit to genuine and meaningful consultation. They are all fine ideas and I do not disagree with them per se, but what we have in Mr Barr’s amendment—and it reflects some of the ideas that I was discussing with my colleagues yesterday—are clear commitments to ensure that the lease for the site of the Telopea Park tennis courts is returned to school and community use.

Presumably Mr Doszpot agrees with that as well. He did not think to put it in his motion but it is actually a really clear and strong commitment. So I will not take cheap shots about just backing the Labor Party because this is a much more concrete

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