Page 4735 - Week 11 - Thursday, 20 October 2011

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MR SPEAKER: Yes, Ms Bresnan.

MS BRESNAN: Minister, on what basis is government relying for its claim that the Human Rights Commission was incorrect in its findings that “young people were routinely strip searched on their way to and from court”, and what measures are you taking to ensure this is not the case?

MS GALLAGHER: I did discuss this with the head of the directorate at the time of the tabling of that report. At that point there was some disagreement between the detail of some aspects of the Human Rights Commission’s report and the data that the directorate had, but I can certainly provide further information about that as well.

Children and young people—care and protection

MRS DUNNE: My question is to the Chief Minister. Minister, in relation to the systemic problems with your government and its management of the community services portfolio, the spokesman for the Foster Care Association told ABC television:

I’ve been in the situation myself where I complained and there was a preset threat made and because I complained I was reviewed rather than the problem being addressed.

Minister, have you intervened or sought a briefing on this very serious complaint that has been publicly levelled at your government and, if not, why not?

MS GALLAGHER: No, I have not sought a briefing on the claims by Fiona Tito made yesterday. These are matters that the minister will be dealing with in terms of her own portfolio and she has already put in place a diary appointment for the Foster Care Association, to go through all of the issues that have been raised in their media release and their media comments yesterday, as is appropriate, Mrs Dunne.

MRS DUNNE: A supplementary.

MR SPEAKER: Yes, Mrs Dunne.

MRS DUNNE: Minister, will you apologise to those who have made these complaints and, if not, why not?

MS GALLAGHER: I am not sure I am in a position to apologise. I do not have a complaint before me. If I had a complaint before me and a response provided and there was a need for an apology, I would be more than happy to provide one.

MR COE: A supplementary, Mr Speaker.

MR SPEAKER: Yes, Mr Coe.

MR COE: Minister, what confidence can the community have in your government when community service workers have been threatened by your government?

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