Page 4643 - Week 11 - Wednesday, 19 October 2011

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MR SPEAKER: Order! Mr Smyth, that is enough, thank you. Mr Smyth, I would ask you to withdraw the imputation you made across the chamber.

Mr Smyth: I withdraw.

MR SPEAKER: Mrs Dunne, you have the floor.

MRS DUNNE: Minister, do you have full confidence in Minister Burch?


MR SPEAKER: Mrs Dunne, yes.


MS GALLAGHER: Because she is fulfilling her responsibilities as required by a minister and she is fulfilling them to a very high standard—

Mr Hanson interjecting—

Mr Smyth interjecting—

MS GALLAGHER: a much higher standard than any single one of you could ever dream of performing. You are pathetic. Look at you; look at you! Pathetic!

Members interjecting—

Mr Hanson: Point of order, Mr Speaker.

MR SPEAKER: One moment, Mr Hanson, just before you start. I will come to you in a second. Members, the level of interjection across the chamber is unacceptable. Shouting the Chief Minister down is inappropriate and I will take steps if it continues. Mr Hanson, on a point of order.

Mr Hanson: On the point of order, the Chief Minister was leaning over yelling at the Leader of the Opposition, “You are pathetic, you are pathetic.” If you are asking comments to be withdrawn saying, “You are a joke,” I would ask that the Chief Minister withdraw the “you are pathetic” comment that was levelled at members of the opposition.

Ms Gallagher: I am happy to withdraw, Mr Speaker.

MR SPEAKER: Thank you. The purpose of my hesitation was that, frankly, the level of conduct was so poor that I did not know what to do either way. Let us hope that we can improve from here.

Public housing—energy and water efficiency

MS HUNTER: My question is to the Chief Minister and is in relation to open government transparency. Chief Minister, you have previously said:

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