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b) There are 121 SLBs.

c) There are 435 SLCs.

2) a) There are no new schools opening in 2012 and so the number of principals is projected to remain constant between now and 30 June 2012.

Principal categories are dependent on the size of schools and cannot be determined until enrolments are known at the beginning of 2012.

b) Principals will make decisions about their executive structure (number of SLBs and SLCs) based on enrolments at the beginning of 2012. It is unlikely that the overall numbers will vary greatly.

Canberra Institute of Technology—staff
(Question No 1743)

Mr Doszpot asked the Minister for Education and Training, upon notice, on 25 August 2011:

(1) In relation to the answer to question on notice No 431 regarding the teaching staff at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), noting that CIT’s Senior Teaching Post teachers are Band 1 teachers, were Senior Teaching Posts included in the answer to part (1).

(2) In the answer to part (1), why do the Vocational, Degree, Year 12 and Year 10 sub-totals add to the Teaching totals, when many of the 546 teachers listed in the answer were teaching in two or more different types of programs or sectors, for example both Year 12 and Vocational, or Vocational and Higher Education.

(3) Can a revised answer to question on notice No 431 part (1) be provided that (a) includes Senior Teaching Post Band 1 teachers, if not originally included, and (b) overcomes under-counting explained in part (2) of this question.

(4) Which of CIT’s teaching centres have operated bachelor degree programs in (a) semester 1 of 2009 and (b) semester 1 of 2011, and which of these degree programs are dual sector Vocational and Higher Education programs that include Vocational Diploma or Advanced Diploma early exit qualifications.

(5) Is CIT registered as a secondary school in order to operate its (a) year 12 and (b) year 10 programs. If so, through which statutory or regulatory body are CIT’s year 12 and year 10 programs registered. And if not, what statutory or regulatory instruments authorise and enable CIT to operate its year 12 and year 10 programs, and quality assure and audit these programs.

(6) Why does a statutory or regulatory loophole exist according to which it has not been mandatory for CIT year 12 and year 10 teachers to possess Diploma of Education or Bachelor of Education or equivalent qualifications.

(7) Will the Minister recommend or direct that CIT’s year 10 or year 12 programs join the new ACT Teaching Quality Institute and Teaching Registration process, in order to close the loophole identified in part (6).

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