Page 4364 - Week 10 - Thursday, 22 September 2011

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MR BARR: If it appeases those opposite, I am happy for it to be tabled, Mr Speaker. I am happy for it to be tabled. I table the following paper:

Gallagher to be examined for improper conduct—Copy of media release by Mr Smyth on 20 September 2011.

Mr Hanson interjecting—

MR SPEAKER: Thank you, members. Order! Mr Barr has the floor.

MR BARR: Well, thank you, Mr Hanson, for your wonderful advice. You have been so successful in prosecuting censure motions in this place that you would be the first person that I would seek advice from in relation to these matters.

Now, Mr Speaker, it is clear that Mr Smyth has had a rush of blood. He has had a rush of blood and has put out a press release. It is inappropriate—as Mr Smyth is wont to tell everyone else in this place on a regular basis—and the will of the Assembly this afternoon, it appears, Mr Speaker, is that Mr Smyth be censured for his actions. That is appropriate. It is the appropriate response from the Assembly to what is clearly inappropriate conduct from Mr Smyth, who is seeking to obtain base political advantage from what should be the highest level of inquiry.

He has sought to pre-empt that through his media release and his public comments. He knows that. He was dissembling and speaking faster. It is when the voice gets a bit higher and he starts quoting at a rapid rate of knots from about a million documents in front of him that you know he is in a bit of trouble. The eyes start blinking furiously. Those are all of the characteristics, Mr Speaker, that we see. It is very clear from the content of Mr Smyth’s media release, which we have all seen and which I have tabled—

Opposition members interjecting—

MR SPEAKER: One moment, thank you, Mr Barr. Stop the clocks. Members, I have asked a number of times for the interjections to stop. Mr Hanson, you are now on a warning.

Mr Hargreaves: Is that the second one in two days?

MR SPEAKER: No, it is not. Mr Barr, you have the floor.

MR BARR: It is clear from the sensitivity of those opposite that Mr Smyth has been caught out here. He knows it. Everyone in this place knows it and every independent observer knows it. That is why, Mr Speaker, it is appropriate that the Assembly censure the Deputy Leader of the Opposition today. His behaviour is inappropriate and deserves censure.

Question put:

That Mr Barr’s motion be agreed to.

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