Page 3393 - Week 08 - Wednesday, 17 August 2011

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are. It does not matter whether Mr Hanson alludes to new and compelling reasons. That is not a consideration for your ruling. The consideration for your ruling is whether or not the question has previously been considered by the Assembly. I assert to you that it has been, and I would ask you to consider again your ruling.

MADAM ASSISTANT SPEAKER: Mr Corbell, the standing order does say “may disallow any motion” rather than “shall”. I have had pointed out to me the House of Representatives Practice section, and I stick with my ruling. I suggest that we consider this matter. I am happy if, when the vote comes, we separate it so that you vote for the two parts separately.

Mrs Dunne: Madam Assistant Speaker, I seek leave to make a statement in relation to the minister’s response to your ruling.

Leave not granted.

Standing and temporary orders—suspension

MRS DUNNE (Ginninderra) (3.42): I move:

That so much of the standing and temporary orders be suspended as would prevent Mrs Dunne from making a statement.

Madam Assistant Speaker, I am moving to suspend standing orders because it is necessary that the Assembly pause and pay attention to the lack of respect that the attorney showed you by, after you had already made a ruling, tearing into this place and then—look, he can throw it all he likes; he just cannot take it.

The attorney did not like your ruling. He came tearing into this place and challenged your ruling. You made that ruling again and he challenged it again. We had a pious speech in the form of a point of order this morning from Mr Corbell telling us how we needed to respect the chair and the chair’s rulings and how we needed to speak respectfully to the chair and all of these sorts of things. The thing is that it goes to show that the respect only lasts as long as it goes his way.

MADAM ASSISTANT SPEAKER: Mrs Dunne, you need to address why we should suspend standing orders rather than the substantive issue.

MRS DUNNE: These are points that need to be made on the record for the Assembly, because the actions of the attorney today were threatening to you.

Mr Hanson: Excuse me; could you stop the clock, please?

MRS DUNNE: Why are we stopping the clock?

MADAM ASSISTANT SPEAKER: Mr Hanson, have you got a point of order?

Mr Hanson: Sorry; my apologies.

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