Page 2996 - Week 07 - Thursday, 30 June 2011

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MS BRESNAN: A supplementary.

MR SPEAKER: A supplementary, Ms Bresnan.

MS BRESNAN: Thank you, Mr Speaker. Minister, the costs you are referring to for the forensic site, and the increase in those costs, were they due to or as a result of suggestions from the government or from community organisations?

MS GALLAGHER: As I understand it, they relate largely to the model of care which has been determined in partnership with the community organisations. So it is around the quality of the facilities, the size of the facilities, the size of the outdoor space and what that space is used for. And it is a capital cost. It may be that that cost is quite reasonable, but I think in terms of the timing of the budget, we needed some more time to make some further decisions around that. In the meantime the money that had been allocated, which is obviously not going to be enough, was returned to the budget. But this is a very live discussion across government at the moment. My understanding is that it is the result of the collaborative work that has been done in determining the model of care.

Fitters Workshop

MS LE COUTEUR: My question is to the Chief Minister and concerns the lack of live music venues in Canberra. Chief Minister, I refer to your appearance on Chief Minister’s talkback on 666 radio last Friday in which you acknowledged that Megalo’s move to the Fitters Workshop had further decreased the range of venues available for live music in Canberra. Talking about choirs’ use of the Fitters Workshop, you went on to state:

… the challenge for the Government now is to find a way of making sure that they have a space where they can perform their choral activity … that is if not as good, then the next best thing.

Chief Minister, what steps are you taking to find such a venue that is appropriate for choral performances in Canberra?

MS GALLAGHER: The work falls within Minister Burch’s portfolio, and I know that she is working very closely with the arts community around this issue and trying to ensure that we are able to try to meet the needs of a particular group, the choral vocalists group, that are concerned about Fitters Workshop and the use of Fitters Workshop. My understanding is that the next best venue is the Albert Hall, and there are some issues around whether or not some improvements can be made to the Albert Hall to improve its acoustic capacity.

Mrs Dunne: The stage is too small; the acoustics are hopeless; air conditioning is hopeless.

MS GALLAGHER: Mrs Dunne has already analysed that option and ruled it out. So that is down to her extensive knowledge and being, no doubt, the assessor of acoustic quality in ACT community facilities.

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