Page 2399 - Week 06 - Thursday, 23 June 2011

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an alternative war memorial instead of the proposed war memorials at the lake side, and does it support the proposal?

Mrs Dunne: Mr Speaker, we have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. We have now moved from war memorials beside the lake to peace studies institutes at the Australian National University. It is well and truly outside the remit of the Chief Minister and therefore out of order.

Mr Corbell: Mr Speaker, on the point of order, I think the government would have to concur with Mrs Dunne on this one. Mr Speaker, whilst the territory will have engagement with the commonwealth, particularly in relation to planning matters, and obviously it was entirely valid for you to permit the previous question to be asked, this now is taking it a step further. It is about matters that are indirectly linked to those planning issues but then relate to programs and activities in commonwealth institutions. That really is stretching it in terms of the government’s ability and the Chief Minister’s ability to comment on these matters. I think the question is out of order.

MR SPEAKER: Yes; the question is out of order.

Alexander Maconochie Centre—governance

MR SMYTH: My question is to the Chief Minister. I refer to the list of ACT government priorities for 2011-12 that you outlined this week. You stated that one of your priorities was to improve governance of corrections services, including the AMC. Chief Minister, what are the failures of governance at the AMC that you wish to correct?

MS GALLAGHER: I think this is an issue we went to yesterday. In fact, I think the same question was asked yesterday by the Liberal Party. And you are right, in the sense that on our government priorities we have indicated that we would like to see improved governance of corrections services, including at the Alexander Maconochie Centre and at Bimberi. I think the work that both the Attorney-General and Minister Burch will do around implementing the recommendations in justice through the Hamburger review will be an important part of that work, working again to improve, across the directorate of Justice and Community Safety and the Health Directorate, services provided to prisoners at the Alexander Maconochie Centre. Also, improvements in terms of throughcare and post release into the community will feature as part of that work.

The government has been very clear. We have got the review, we have got recommendations as part of that review, we have got a task force implemented. Minister Burch has made some announcements today; indeed, she will go on further this afternoon—

Mr Hanson: On a point of order, Mr Smyth’s question was directly about the AMC, not about Bimberi or responsibilities of Ms Burch. I would ask that the Chief Minister refer her comments directly to the failures in governance at the AMC.

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