Page 2372 - Week 06 - Thursday, 23 June 2011

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Mr Seselja: Thank you, Mr Assistant Speaker. It was in relation to the use of the word “grubby” on more than one occasion just in the last minute or so. After being forced to withdraw it before, he used it twice. I think that the use of warnings which have been thrown at this side of the Assembly should be used for Mr Corbell if he is going to continue to use unparliamentary language and then belatedly withdraw it.

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: On your point of order, Mr Seselja, I did not hear the second—I think you said a couple of times in the recent speech from the minister, largely because there were people yelling and I could not hear it. I will invite the minister, if he did in fact say that, to withdraw. If not—

MR CORBELL: I withdraw it, Mr Assistant Speaker, as I indicated.

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: And I would also ask the minister not to use the phrase again, please.

MR CORBELL: Thank you, Mr Assistant Speaker.

Mr Hanson: Well—


Mr Hanson: On the point of order, then he is—

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: I have ruled on the point of order, Mr Hanson. It has been done; it has been dealt with. Thank you. Minister, you have the floor.

Mr Smyth: On a point of order, Mr Assistant Speaker—

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: Okay. Mr Corbell, hold the phone for a second.

Mr Smyth: Under standing order 73, would you give us a ruling on how many times a member can defy the seat of the Speaker and persist with using the word that he had already been warned to stop using? I am just interested as to what the standard of defiance is before action is taken against somebody in the government.

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: I think, Mr Smyth, it is an interpretation of the chair, as I understand it. Also, standing order 202, subparagraph (e), refers to “persistently and wilfully disregarded the authority of the Chair”. I do not see the persistence at this point and each time I have asked the minister to come to order, he has done so. I have to say if anybody has been persistent in ignoring my requests for calm, it has been your side of the chamber at this stage of the game, at this stage of this morning’s proceedings. Mr Smyth, if you still want me to get you a statement under standing order 73, I will—

MR SMYTH: Standing order 73.

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: I will return to you once I have received that advice. I will tell you once I have got that advice, possibly between the debates. Mr Corbell, you have the floor.

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