Page 1648 - Week 04 - Thursday, 7 April 2011

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Owners of businesses within the Canberra CBD are also encouraged to provide butt bins for patrons and/or staff. These butt receptacles are maintained by the building lessees.

(4) The litter audit being undertaken in the Canberra CBD in April 2011 will better inform decisions about the types of waste bins required, appropriate locations and frequency of emptying. If the litter on the ground presents problematic findings, then feasible options - including installing butt receptacles - will be considered.

(Question No 1592)

Ms Le Couteur asked the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, upon notice, on 10 March 2011:

(1) What is the Government’s policy regarding the use of remanufactured printers and toner cartridges in (a) the ACT Government in general and (b) ACT schools.

(2) Has the policy referred to in part (1) changed in the last eight years, in particular, (a) were remanufactured printers and cartridges permitted in schools, and now they are not and (b) were remanufactured or second hand printers allowed to be connected to the network and now they are not; if so, what is the rationale for the changes.

(3) How many printers purchased in the last eight years by schools have been classified as (a) new, (b) remanufactured and (c) second hand, in particular printers redistributed from other parts of the ACT Government.

(4) When did InTACT start managing information and communication technology policy for the Department of Education and Training.

(5) Did the Department of Education and Training have a different policy than InTACT in regard to remanufactured printers, remanufactured toners and connecting printers to the network; if so, what was this policy.

(6) What is the policy regarding repairing printers once they have passed the end of their warranty period and (a) does it involve environmental and social cost as well as economic and (b) has it changed in the last eight years; if so, how has it changed.

Mr Stanhope: The answer to the member’s question is as follows:

(1)(a)(b) The ACT Government’s policy is to use new printers and toner cartridges, and recycle used toner cartridges. The exception to this policy is that ACT Government schools may choose to use remanufactured printers and toner cartridges (if available) on school networks - i.e. networks not connected to the ACT Government network.

(2) There has been no change to this policy.

(a) Remanufactured printers and toner cartridges may be used on school networks at the school’s discretion.

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