Page 1428 - Week 04 - Wednesday, 6 April 2011

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because of the government’s commitment and the philosophy that we have put in place at the AMC. They have a moral obligation in this place and to the broader community to engage in a public debate which is not just about cheap political points.

Members interjecting—

MR SPEAKER: One moment, Mr Corbell. Stop the clocks, thank you. Members, we need to reduce the level of interjection when the Attorney-General is seeking to answer the question. Thank you.

MR CORBELL: They need to respond to this debate in a considered and thoughtful manner, not in a manner that allows them simply to score cheap political points out of context, without regard for the conclusions of a senior, experienced and independent reviewer, the very reviewer that they called for the appointment of.

MR SPEAKER: A supplementary, Mr Seselja?

MR SESELJA: Attorney, who is responsible for the lack of governance, failure in monitoring and lack of quality recording and reporting systems, as highlighted by the Hamburger review?

MR CORBELL: These are systemic problems that need a systemic response. It is not about labelling or placing blame on anyone’s particular doorstep. It is about recognising that the organisation as a whole needs to improve its performance. Blame-seeking and retribution, which would clearly be the preferred methodology of those opposite, should they ever be in government, will not achieve those reforms.

What will achieve those reforms is working together, strong leadership from our new executive director and embracing and harnessing the will of everyone within the corrective service organisation to improve their performance in those areas where it has been identified as a problem and to build on their successes to date. That is what I would do as the minister. That is why I have appointed this task force and commissioned it with the task it has to advise government on all of these issues, to provide advice on the way forward and then to provide regular reporting to me on its oversight of the implementation of those recommendations which the government adopts.

Planning—Northbourne Avenue

MS LE COUTEUR: My question is to the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services and relates to the Northbourne Avenue feasibility study. Minister, yesterday in your comments about the urban tree program, you said that the next steps included a plan to plant 500 trees along Northbourne Avenue, from Watson to Federation Mall. Have these proposed plantings taken the Northbourne Avenue feasibility study into account?

MR STANHOPE: My advice in relation to the health of trees within the Northbourne Avenue corridor—and I intended yesterday, Ms Le Couteur, to indicate that this was my understanding—was that the department was looking at trees all the way from Civic, essentially, to the roundabout at the old heritage village. I am advised,

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