Page 924 - Week 03 - Tuesday, 29 March 2011

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or they cannot see out of either eye. I do not care which one it is. But obviously there are none so blind as those that will not see.

We should take this as a report along the way, on the journey to fixing the issues, the problems and the malaise at Bimberi. We should not be trying to find something to crucify somebody on. If people want to take political point scoring into this chamber, let them do it on policy issues. Let us not do it with the lives of young people. The Canberra Times editorial today got it absolutely right. Mrs Dunne has not got a leg to stand on. Right now she would do well by shutting up and waiting until these things have been delivered. If they do not get delivered then she can come forward and be critical. But how about she just lets it run for a while and sees what happens.

You have got this statement. This statement is reasonably comprehensive. There are issues in here I am not happy with either, but I want to see it in its totality. Is the tardiness in having people appointed a systemic problem or is it the fact that you cannot find people for love nor money? I do not know the answer to that question but I do know how difficult it is trying to find Indigenous liaison officers. It is very difficult; it is tough work. Trying to find them is not easy.

If you have a look in here it says that a recruitment process will happen if necessary. In other words, if there is only one applicant that will be the end of it. How about we actually be a little more considerate around what is happening in Bimberi and see how we go?

Finally, I want to send a message to those people working at Bimberi, those people who have embraced the culture of assisting young people to get on in life: you have my 100 per cent unqualified support and I will defend you to the death. But if you have not, if you have got a corrective services mentality, look out, because I will not stand between you and Clayton Utz and people like that because you do not have the welfare of the kids at heart. But if you do have that culture that we need for the young people, as I have said, I will defend you in this place and anywhere else, for that matter.

Debate (on motion by Mr Smyth) adjourned to the next sitting.

Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Bill 2010

Debate resumed from 26 August 2010, on motion by Ms Burch:

That this bill be agreed to in principle.

MRS DUNNE (Ginninderra) (12.01): Mr Speaker, there has been some discussion about how this bill should be handled in the last week or so between members of the Assembly. It has been agreed generally that this bill will be debated to the in-principle stage, and I put on the record that the Canberra Liberals support this bill in principle. Then the debate will be adjourned.

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