Page 4768 - Week 13 - Tuesday, 10 November 2009

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MR HANSON: They supported it back then but they do not support it now. If they were serious about Clare Holland House, they would say, “Let’s put up a motion that stops this deal.” They would put it to a vote and make their position very clear. Unless they are prepared to say in public that if this deal goes through with Clare Holland House attached they will not be supporting it, I do not think a letter written by anybody to Tom Brennan—and I cannot imagine that Katy Gallagher is going to be doing that—is going to have any impact at all.

The Greens know that. They are trying to have a bob each way. If they think that people like the Palliative Care Society, the Nursing Federation and the Health Care Consumers Association are going to be sucked in by what is really a bob each way, they are fooling no-one. So I just make the point to the Greens that they need to come out very clearly and say whether they are going to support this bill or not if it has Clare Holland House attached to it, because at the moment I think what people are perceiving is that this is simply a matter of trying to appease some very disgruntled members of the community but that when it comes down to the backdoor conversations no doubt between Meredith Hunter and Katy Gallagher about what will be the final vote in the end—

Ms Gallagher: Don’t tell me you want to come to those as well.

MR HANSON: I would be reasonably sure those conversations have occurred in your weekly meetings in the car park, and we know the way it is going to go.

Ms Gallagher: Weekly meetings in the car park? What are you talking about?

MR HANSON: We have seen you down there having little chats. We know that you are the Greens communicator—

Ms Gallagher: Mr Hanson has a very active imagination.

MR HANSON: No. I have an imagination that is not as active as yours in thinking that people will believe the farce of the position you have taken on Clare Holland House and believe that you are actually genuinely trying to oppose that—because if you were you could make it very clear in public that you oppose the vote on the appropriation bill when it comes down if it has Clare Holland House attached to it. You are refusing to do that because quite clearly you will not do so.

Canberra Business Council awards

Holy Trinity school fete

Canberra Big Aussie Swap Party

MR SESELJA (Molonglo—Leader of the Opposition) (4.34): I recently had the opportunity, along with other members, to attend the Canberra Business Council awards evening. I know that my colleagues Mrs Dunne and Mr Hanson were there, and I believe Ms Gallagher also, and it was a—

Mrs Dunne: And Doszy.

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