Page 4462 - Week 12 - Wednesday, 14 October 2009

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MS GALLAGHER: I do stand here and say I have not memorised BP3, Mr Smyth, and I would be surprised, if I randomly chose a figure from one of these pages and asked you about it, if you would have that detail either.

The detail Mr Smyth seeks, as Mr Smyth knows, is on page 116 of BP3. I have added it up here—and, yes, it is without the benefit of a calculator, but it is in the order of $205 million, with various interest rates and various levels of maturity, as is outlined in the pages, as Mr Smyth very well knows. I look forward to the next chapter in this childish schoolyard game that we are playing, Mr Smyth.

Answer to question on notice

Question No 260

MR CORBELL: Further to the question Mrs Dunne asked me in relation to question No 260, I have subsequently received some further advice and it may be helpful to provide some background to the member. First of all, I can confirm that the response was delivered to the secretariat on 13 October. This question was originally asked of the minister for corrective services. Following consideration by the minister for corrective services and his department, it was decided that the question should be answered by me, as the Attorney-General. I signed off a response and, as I previously advised, it was delivered to the secretariat on 13 October.

Following delivery of the response to the secretariat, it was pointed out that the question on notice had not been formally redirected from the minister for corrective services to me, as the Auditor-General. As a result, I am advised that the question must be formally redirected before it can be formally answered. Therefore, it has now been formally redirected. I can assure the member that I have endeavoured to answer the question, and it has been answered but, as it has not been formally redirected, it will need to be answered again.

Hospitals—Calvary Public Hospital and Clare Holland House

Debate resumed.

MR SMYTH (Brindabella) (3.16): We suffered through a little tirade and a tantie this morning when the inconsistencies and the failures of Mr Hanson were pointed out by the Greens. But the interesting thing is that the Greens were just wrong. I understand that at lunchtime Ms Hunter was asked whether Mr Hanson had done his homework and Ms Hunter’s answer was: “Yes, I’ve been told that Jeremy Hanson hadn’t spoken to the Auditor-General. He didn’t speak to the Auditor-General.” But apparently he did. He did, in fact, twice speak to the Auditor-General. We had the embarrassing situation where Ms Bresnan had to come down and clean up the mess created by her leader because they cannot get their act together. They were simply wrong.

Indeed, this morning Ms Bresnan said: “It’s against the legislation. You’ll breach the legislation. You can’t do this”. Well, if that is true, Ms Tucker broke the law in 2001 when this Assembly referred the issue of the Canberra Tourism and Events Corporation relocation to Brindabella Park to the Auditor-General for his performance audit of this decision. And who did that? Ms Tucker, the Green. So it is okay when

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