Page 4454 - Week 12 - Wednesday, 14 October 2009

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MS GALLAGHER: I would certainly like the support of disability organisations prior to the move, and that is certainly what we are working towards. I understand that in the last week or so work may have started on the refurbishment of the Kambah school, and it is expected that it will be finished by the end of this year. Because some timetabling has slipped, that may move into early next year.

The move, of course, has a concertina effect, as we are trying to decant the Canberra Hospital. The move to Kambah does allow us to bring on the walk-in centre at the Canberra Hospital. That is why we are moving fairly quickly, because we need the space that would be vacated by the equipment loan service in order to set up the walk-in centre in the first quarter of next year.

Department of Territory and Municipal Services—capital works program

MS BURCH: My question is to the Chief Minister. Can the minister please update the Assembly on the record of the Department of Territory and Municipal Services in delivering capital works over the past two years?

MR STANHOPE: I thank Ms Burch for her question. The government is very keen to ensure that the people of Canberra understand the massive capital program that is being shared by the government to enhance both services and amenity within Canberra. The Department of Territory and Municipal Services is, of course, central to delivering vital infrastructure and services that all Canberrans rely on every year.

I am sure it will be of some surprise to the Liberal Party, most particularly, to realise that the TAMS capital budget for this financial year is $494 million. Just about half of that, $245 million, is to be delivered this financial year. It is worth reflecting on those numbers in the broad. The TAMS budget for this financial year of $494 million is, I think, equal to the entire capital spend of the Liberal Party—this is just one department, TAMS—over six years.

Mr Seselja interjecting—

MR SPEAKER: Order! Mr Seselja, you will have a chance to ask a supplementary question in a moment. You might hold it till then.

MR STANHOPE: Thank you, Mr Speaker. I look forward to that supplementary question. I presume it will be about Bruce Stadium or the futsal slab and the commonwealth’s contribution to capital in that way, or perhaps it will be about the capital expended in the blowing up of a hospital. It is worth reflecting on the quantum as a result of the economic management of this government, the strength of the economy under this government, the strength of our balance sheet under this government and our capacity to invest in this city.

Of course, TAMS—focusing, as it does, on those municipal services—with that $245 million capital budget this year will concentrate on roads—new roads, providing access to suburbs—shopping centre upgrades, new cycling and walking infrastructure, maintenance of our heritage buildings and our various facilities and a raft of other municipal functions, leading off, of course, with $84 million for the duplication of the Gungahlin Drive extension.

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