Page 4198 - Week 11 - Thursday, 17 Sept 2009

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Ms Le Couteur. Previous audit reports can also be found on the website. I trust this information is of assistance. I regret, Ms Le Couteur, if it was not.

On a further matter, Mr Speaker—

Mr Seselja: Chief Minister, could I ask that you table that?

MR STANHOPE: I would be more than happy to do that. You can get a copy from Ms Le Couteur, too. I table the following paper:

Landfill and reusables facility contracts—Copy of letter to Ms Le Couteur from the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services.

Just on another matter, Mr Speaker, yesterday I was asked a question by Ms Le Couteur in relation to cage door sizes as opposed to floor space. In my response to that question I devoted my answer essentially to issues around space. I think that in that context the answer I gave might not have been complete. It related to space, not cage door size, and I have asked the department for additional information on the questions that Ms Le Couteur asked on the implications of cage door sizes at Parkwood. I will provide that information for Ms Le Couteur in the Assembly when I have received it.

Cotter Dam—cost

MR CORBELL: I provide some further advice in relation to questions that have been asked of me in question time this week. Yesterday Mrs Dunne asked me a question in relation to the costs of the Cotter Dam project and whether the $363 million figure included costs for remediation. She also asked what the ongoing running costs were for the enlarged dam.

The answer to Mrs Dunne’s question is that the costs of remediation are included in the $363 million figure. The cost of that particular element is $2.65 million for reinstatement of disturbed areas, native seed collection, planting, tube stock and topsoil. In relation to operational costs, these are not included in the $363 million figure.

The reason for this is that ActewAGL will have responsibility to operate the dams under ANCOLD guidelines. Based on these standards, costs for maintenance and surveillance will be approximately $1 million per year. In addition to this are costs for pumping and water treatment. These costs will depend on usage of the dam, which is related to future climate conditions, but they are expected to average $1.5 million per year. The ICRC determination has an allowance for operational costs for water security major projects.

Also in the Assembly yesterday, Mr Seselja asked me a question in which he asserted that Mr Sullivan, the Managing Director of Actew, had asserted in an estimates committee hearing of 18 May that the cost of the Cotter Dam—

Members interjecting—

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