Page 3960 - Week 11 - Tuesday, 15 Sept 2009

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MR SPEAKER: Order, Mr Hanson! My recollection of the comment from Mr Hanson was that he said, “Is that a sweetener?” I think it is—

Mr Stanhope: He said more than that, Mr Speaker.

MS GALLAGHER: A sweetener to a secret deal is what he said.

Mr Stanhope: He called it a secret. He said, “Is that a sweetener”—what do we know a sweetener as: a bribe, an inducement?—“for a secret deal?”

Mr Hanson: It is—

MR SPEAKER: Mr Hanson, is this on the point of order?

Mr Hanson: No. I will let it go for the moment.

Members interjecting—

Mr Hanson: He is accusing me of alleging a bribe. A sweetener is about a deal.

MR SPEAKER: Order! Mr Hanson, let us not redebate the matter. There is no point of order. Treasurer, please continue.

MS GALLAGHER: I met with the—

Mr Seselja: On the point of order, Mr Speaker: the Chief Minister, in making his point of order, did make a very serious claim against Mr Hanson, that he had made an allegation of bribery. It was a very serious imputation. I would ask you to ask him to withdraw.

Mr Stanhope: Mr Speaker, on the point of order: I took a point of order. I asked, through you, to adjudicate, and I accept your adjudication. That is spurious nonsense. I raised a point of order. You have ruled on the point of order. I accept your ruling.

MR SPEAKER: Mr Seselja, at this stage I am going to review the Hansard. If there are any matters arising from this, I will come back to the chamber tomorrow. Treasurer, you have the floor.

MS GALLAGHER: To finish there, I have met with the Palliative Care Society twice in the last couple of months and have agreed to meet with them regularly as we go through this to discuss with them their concerns. I think a number of their concerns can be addressed easily; some of the other ones, maybe not. I think that the public consultation process that we will go out with very shortly will be the opportunity for these issues to be aired more comprehensively across the community.

MR SPEAKER: Mr Coe, a supplementary question?

MR COE: Minister, will you table the business case which supports the proposed purchase of Calvary hospital?

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