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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2009 Week 10 Hansard (Wednesday, 26 August 2009) . . Page.. 3710 ..

It is time that the members of this place—

the Assembly—

took a good hard look at themselves and, in accord with the overwhelming views of the community, supported Mr Pratt’s legislation.

The legislation was to ban fireworks. That is what Mrs Dunne said in this place—in this place—and the people of Canberra rely on Mrs Dunne’s position in this place. Mr Smyth, knowing that he is next on the list, is just leaving the chamber. Mr Smyth knows that he is next on the list in relation to what he said in this place. He has been embarrassed into coming back.

Let me give Mr Smyth’s view on the public record in this place on this issue. We go back to what Mr Seselja just said, that the members of this place—ministers, he said, but why not members?—must apologise. He said that they have to stand up; they have to do the right thing; they have to retain the trust of the people; they must not mislead the people. We see how Mrs Dunne has misled the people on this issue. We see how Mr Doszpot has misled the people of Canberra on this issue. What does Mr Smyth say about banning fireworks? He says:

Banning things is something we should avoid until we get to the stage where, because there has not been a response, it is the sensible and reasonable thing to do. And the sensible and reasonable thing for all members to do today would be to support this bill—

The bill was to ban fireworks. That is Mr Smyth’s view on fireworks. Are you going to retract that position? Are you going to apologise to all the people who rely on your views on this—all the people out there that thought you were telling the truth? Are you going to withdraw? Are you going to stand up here and apologise? If we move a censure against you for misleading the Assembly, will the Greens actually move a motion saying, “Oh, well, if they apologise then we will not”? If they stand up and apologise—

Mr Doszpot: It shows you do not understand what this is all about. You have no understanding.

MR STANHOPE: So it is all right for Mr Doszpot. We see the gross hypocrisy of Mr Doszpot’s position. He stands up in this place and moves a censure motion in the very week of the greatest backflip, hypocrisy and backdown by the Liberal Party on an issue. The majority of the members of the Liberal Party in recent times have advocated strongly and unequivocally a position in relation to the banning of fireworks.

They have backflipped in the last two days. They have misled the entire Canberra community. They campaigned on a ban and they come in here with this blatant hypocrisy, this posturing, this patronising nonsense that we see here today and say, “Oh, we cannot mislead.”

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