Page 3626 - Week 10 - Tuesday, 25 August 2009

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will provide useful examples of the opportunities and pitfalls in the implementation of unexplained wealth provisions.

The government’s commitment to effectively responding to serious and organised crime is unassailable. Legislative and law enforcement landscapes are quickly developing to respond to the challenge. But this does not mean that we should act hastily or resort to simplistic slogans when it comes to dealing with the development of what are complex criminal justice mechanisms. For that reason, I hope that the Assembly will continue to adopt an approach which is considered and thoughtful on these matters. I commend the report to the Assembly.

Question resolved in the affirmative.


Motion by Mr Corbell proposed:

That the Assembly do now adjourn.

Pace Farm

MRS DUNNE (Ginninderra) (5.12): As I undertook today, in lieu of making a statement to accompany the out-of-order petition, I will now read, for the benefit of members, the contents of the letter that was signed by 33 of my constituents. It says:

I have recently read a number of articles in the Canberra press about the Greens intent to introduce a Bill to amend the animal welfare Act and potentially force the closure of the Pace egg production facility at Parkwood, and restrict the sale of certain egg products.

I am one of over 60 employees who work at this place of business and while animal welfare has received a lot of attention, there has been no regard for my or my families welfare. When did animal welfare become more important than human welfare? Are we just numbers on a piece of paper? I happen to need my job. If I lose it, I will be evicted from my rented house. I won’t be able to pay my bills. I won’t be able to eat. I won’t be able to run my car. I won’t be able to live.

Why is it that the human cost never seems to outweigh the animal cost in situations such as this? Why is the welfare of hens, which have a life expectancy of around ten years in the most idyllic conditions, more important than the welfare of people, fellow human beings? Why are we just “collateral damage”? I am sorry, but this business earns me a living, a simple living.

There is nothing wrong with the welfare of the chooks at Parkwood, they are healthy productive and relaxed, however this means nothing to the activists who won’t stop their rampage until we are all vegan and living in a way that “they” deem to be acceptable. I don’t think they know or care about the welfare of chickens, they are just trying to make a political statement using my livelihood to push an agenda.

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