Page 3511 - Week 09 - Thursday, 20 August 2009

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• significant disruption to the school’s normal procedures

• a school being locked down, evacuated or requiring closure

• police notification and involvement in the school

• significant threat to the safety of students and/or staff.

The Department is unable to report critical incidents by school name as this may enable parties to be identified and is in breach of the Privacy Act 1988.

Critical incidents in non-government schools are not reported to the Department of Education and Training. The total number of all critical incidents in ACT public schools is:

(a) 2006 - Data not available

(b) 2007 - 45 (July to December)

(c) 2008 - 41

(d) 2009 – 15 (January-June)

Independent Living Centre—relocation
(Question No 235)

Ms Bresnan asked the Minister for Health, upon notice, on 24 June 2009:

(1) Has the ACT Government made a final decision on whether the Independent Living Centre (ILC) will move to Kambah; if so, when was this decision made.

(2) What is the rationale behind the proposed plan to relocate the ILC to Kambah.

(3) How will a move of the ILC to Kambah produce efficiencies in service delivery in excess of those already being met from the current Weston Creek location.

(4) What is the expected total financial cost to the ACT Government for the ILC move and what factors are considered in calculating this cost.

(5) What will be the expected operating cost for the ILC per annum at Kambah in comparison to the operating cost per annum at its current location.

(6) Was the advice of ILC (a) staff and (b) consumers sought in relation to whether the move was a good idea; if so, what was their advice.

(7) Has the ACT Government considered what impact the move may have on ILC waiting lists and waiting times; if so, what impact does the ACT Government expect.

(8) If there are benefits to be gained for consumers by this relocation, why was the new proposed ACT Health facility not established at the Health and Wellbeing Hub at Melrose.

(9) How has the ACT Government considered the ability for consumers of the ILC to access the new location which is more isolated than the current one.

(10) What will the ACT Government do to assist those consumers, including those consumers who use wheelchair accessible taxis, who find the new proposed site more difficult or costly to travel to.

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