Page 3359 - Week 09 - Wednesday, 19 August 2009

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I think it is appropriate that the four pieces remain there. They certainly add to it; they certainly do not detract from what will be the final motion.

MS HUNTER (Ginninderra—Parliamentary Convenor, ACT Greens) (3.13): I just want to respond to Mrs Dunne’s amendment. In doing so I want to state again that we support a full investigation into all aspects of the claims made in the Canberra Times and the Australian newspapers with regard to a possible sale of assets by the Canberra Labor Club Ltd and we are not in any way supporting anything but full and frank disclosure by all those involved in the matter.

However, we are seeking a full investigation and a full and frank disclosure under the current legal arrangements. To insinuate that the Greens are somehow asking for anything less than a comprehensive, thorough investigation is false and misleading. Madam Assistant Speaker, there is no deal between the Greens and the government on this matter.

Mr Seselja: You voted against it. You can’t just vote against it and then pretend it is not happening.

MS HUNTER: I would just like to give a bit of a warning to Mr Seselja about making such accusations. The Greens are acting in accordance with the current legislative arrangements by calling on the regulatory body charged with investigating any breaches of the Gaming Machine Act to look into the claims made in the media.

The way in which the Liberal Party calls into question the professional capability of this agency, and, in fact, by inference that of other boards and commissions in the territory, is deeply concerning. We have heard questions raised about their independence. We have had questions raised about their capability—

Mr Seselja: And they didn’t answer them and you didn’t even bother asking them again.

MADAM ASSISTANT SPEAKER (Ms Le Couteur): Mr Seselja, please. I cannot hear Ms Hunter. Thank you. Ms Hunter, please continue.

MS HUNTER: I find this an appalling situation. As I said, we have acknowledged that several parts of the Liberal Party’s motion do have some merit with regard to the intent of gaming machine licences and subsequent profits to be for the benefit of the community. However, to support that whole motion with my amendment tacked on the end would be to support unsubstantiated claims that are yet to be investigated.

Madam Assistant Speaker, the Greens are taking a measured, step-by-step approach to call for an investigation of these serious claims. I repeat, for your benefit too, Mr Hanson, that we will be watching this issue very closely until we have some resolution of these claims.

MR SESELJA (Molonglo—Leader of the Opposition) (3.16): I will be closing the debate, I think.

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