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alternative to light rail given its lower capital expenditure costs. PWC advised that this option could warrant a comparative study with light rail to identify the transport technology that would offer best value for money and would best suit the ACT transport environment.

• The work that was recently completed by PwC provided an understanding of the costs and benefits of the light rail project and potential timing for implementation, but did not include engineering, delivery models or other implementation details due to the tight timeframe imposed by IA. Further design and engineering work would be required before any new public transport system could be implemented. If the light rail does attract Commonwealth funding, it is not expected that the first phase of a new public transport system could be operational in the timeframe suggested by the petitioners.

By Mr Stanhope, Minister for Transport, dated 21 May 2009, in response to a petition lodged by Mr Stanhope on 6 May 2009 concerning traffic control measures in Macfarland Crescent, Pearce.

Macfarland Crescent, Pearce—petition No 97

The response read as follows:

The ACT Government notes the petition submitted by the petitioners, tabled by Mr Jon Stanhope MLA, Minister for Transport on 6 May 2009 and makes the following comments:

• Macfarland Crescent is a major collector road in the hierarchy of ACT roads. Major collector roads should desirably carry no more than 6,000 vehicles per day. The average weekday daily traffic volume on Macfarland Crescent from the most recent traffic survey was 2, 578 vehicles.

• The Department of Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) utilises the Traffic Warrant System to prioritise major and minor collector roads for investigation of traffic management issues and implementation of traffic management measures. The Traffic Warrant System has been endorsed by the Minister and is updated every two years to reflect the latest data.

• The Traffic Warrant System takes into account: volume of traffic, percentage of heavy vehicles; speed; accident history; and activity generators (land use).

• Macfarland Crescent is currently ranked 250 out of 430 collector streets in the system. On this basis, TAMS has no immediate plans to implement additional traffic management measures on Macfarland Crescent.

• Compliance with posted speed limits is a policing matter. The residents should report all speeding incidents or any inappropriate driver behaviour to ACT Policing on 13 14 44 or to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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