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(g) $2,310 has been spent as part of the contract on travel and accommodation for six workshops and six recall sessions. This was covered in the contract. $3,436.30 has been spent on venue hire for the ‘Getting There First’ workshops. $1,626 has been spent on catering.

(h) There was no additional backfilling costs for those staff attending the workshops. Business continuity was maintained.

(i) Participants indicated that they have learnt to recognise early behavioural warning signs of stress and associated psychological injury. Further, the training has given them the confidence and skills in having conversations relating to psychological wellbeing of staff. Participants recognised the benefit of early intervention with staff who could potentially become workers compensation claimants.

Childcare and protection agency—internship program
(Question No 169)

Mrs Dunne asked the Minister for Children and Young People, upon notice, on 2 April 2009:

(1) Has the child care and protection agency ever run an internship program; if so, when did it start and is it still in operation.

(2) For each year of the program (a) how many interns were recruited; (b) how many completed the program; (c) what happened to those interns once they had completed the program; (d) were interns given any opportunity to seek employment with the agency; and if so how many were engaged as employees and in what capacity and under what employment arrangements were they engaged;(e) what was the staff turnover for employees who graduated into employment from the internship program; and (f) if interns were not given an opportunity to seek employment with the agency, why.

(3) If the internship program at the child care and protection agency is not still in operation, when did it cease and why.

Mr Barr: The answer to the member’s question is as follows:

(1) The Office for Children, Youth and Family Support (OCYFS) runs an internship program for psychology interns. OCYFS provides both industry based internships as well as accepting Masters of Clinical Psychology students on placement. It is still in operation.

(2)(a) For the 12 years that the program has run and in compliance with the regulations of the ACT Psychologists Board, OCYFS has accepted 5 intern psychologists for an industry based internship each two year period.

(b) Records do not indicate an exact number but many psychology interns have either completed the program in full with OCYFS or have completed the majority of the program with OCYFS and transferred to another area to complete their internship. For example, there are presently 2 intern psychologists employed as caseworkers in Care and Protection who are due to complete their internships over the next

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