Page 2088 - Week 06 - Thursday, 7 May 2009

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network facilities tax or a tax that is similar to this tax? How much revenue does this tax raise in New South Wales and Victoria?

MS GALLAGHER: I stand by the statement that the spokesperson in my office made. I do not have the detail in front of me on how much that raises in New South Wales, but I am happy to provide that for Mr Smyth.

We can see from Mr Smyth’s approach to the big questions and the big issues facing the ACT budget—

Mr Stanhope: Is EPIC.

MS GALLAGHER: The big issues for the opposition this week in the challenges facing this year’s budget has been whether ACTIA issue two newsletters a year; whether the Gambling and Racing Commission have audited a website and now a comparison of New South Wales taxes and how much they raise for New South Wales.

Instead of grappling with the most significant set of economic circumstances and challenges that have ever presented themselves to the people of the ACT, Mr Smyth continues on his little, petty, nasty, tricky campaign to attack the ACT Treasurer on whether she has 100 per cent understanding of every tax in every jurisdiction across the country and how much they raise.

The issues facing the ACT are irrelevant to Mr Smyth. You have no answer to the challenges facing the ACT. You obviously have not paid any attention to them. So while all this is happening, Mr Smyth is sitting in the back of his office, rubbing his hands together, reading an FOI from 2008-09 and going, “Goody. I don’t think ACTIA have issued two newsletters this year.” He will be able to see from the statement of intent that was tabled on Tuesday that ACTIA actually have issued two newsletters, and that detail would have been provided to Mr Smyth. I am glad we answered one of those massive questions that have left the shadow treasurer scratching his head.

It being 2.30 pm, questions were interrupted pursuant to the order of the Assembly.

Appropriation Bill 2009-2010

Debate resumed from 6 May 2009, on motion by Mr Stanhope:

That this bill be agreed to in principle.

MR SESELJA (Molonglo—Leader of the Opposition) (2.30): Mr Speaker, this budget is not, as Katy Gallagher would wish, a budget for the times. This is a budget that ignores the times. These times include the global financial crisis as an external factor, plus an ACT recession, falling retail sales and rising unemployment, and deficits stretching on for seven years, which are conditions the government has influence over.

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