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the issue you raise really goes to the heart of taking that decision to fund a master plan so that we are not, as we are now doing in Bunda Street and, perhaps to a lesser extent, West Row and East Row, working in isolation in an interim response to the needs of the city.

In conclusion, I am very aware. I have discussed the issue with Pedal Power. I understand their view but I am also understanding of the view expressed by officials in relation to a contrary opinion and view about the best design for Bunda Street. But I am more than happy to discuss it.

MR SPEAKER: Ms Le Couteur, a supplementary question?

MS LE COUTEUR: Thank you. Is it your position that motor traffic is needed in Bunda Street for security reasons? If that is the position, would you therefore be happy to agree that motor traffic be excluded from the street during daylight hours?

MR STANHOPE: My support for motor traffic in Bunda Street has not been related to security as such, though I guess, when one goes through some of the issues, it would be an issue. I am one of those who believe that motor traffic within the city or the centre of the city actually provides movement. It does have some security issues or implications and it does have the effect of actually providing some life. I think there are a range of other important reasons for maintaining motor vehicle traffic through Bunda Street.

As I just indicated, I do not tend to act on this personal view by suggesting that we reopen Petrie Plaza or Garema Place, but I personally have a view that, in a management sense, one of the issues we face in the CBD is the extent of the area from which we have excluded motor vehicles—all the way from Akuna Street essentially to Northbourne Avenue, all the way from Bunda Street to London Circuit. In the context of cities of this size, it is a massive area of motor vehicle exclusion and it represents again real issues for us in terms of management and maintenance and I think a significant issue in relation to that issue around vitality, movement, life, people and the development or creation of a truly sustainable, vibrant city centre.

We are working on that with major upgrades, to which we are now committing very significant funds, but I think there is a whole range of initiatives that can be pursued. I am not supportive—I would need some strong arguments to convince me—that we should exclude motor vehicles from Bunda Street at all.

Budget—parking fees and bus fares

MRS DUNNE: My question is to the Treasurer. Treasurer, in the budget that you announced yesterday you have increased parking fees for ticket parking machines and for metered parking, as well as increasing fares for ACTION buses. Treasurer, why have you acted to force people out of their cars and then forced them to pay higher bus fares for the privilege?

MS GALLAGHER: There are a number of reasons—and a couple to begin with. Parking fees and bus fares had not increased for some years, and the investments

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