Page 1975 - Week 06 - Wednesday, 6 May 2009

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outlined or repeated concerns that we previously raised in relation to the impact of development at Tralee and the implications of that for noise sharing across the territory.

Some of the other issues associated with the exclusion of the Canberra international airport and, indeed, airports around Australia from local planning regimes and planning control and the implications of that for governments in relation to infrastructure—roads, most particularly—traffic and traffic management include the raised concerns about unfettered or, at least, uncontrolled development, uncontrolled in the sense that the ACT government does not have a role in the planning of services at the Canberra international airport that are in a sense excluded from our jurisdiction and the implications of that for us in planning, controlling and leading the community’s concern in relation to issues such as noise.

In relation to the issue of noise generally, I think members are aware that the government is funding an independent noise assessment. It is an assessment that has been facilitated by the ACT government in partnership with the commonwealth. It has been conducted by an expert from the University of New South Wales. I am advised that, whilst there have been some technical issues in relation to the measuring equipment that is located at Hackett—I believe it is at Hackett—the consultant or expert engaged to undertake that independent noise assessment is in the process of preparing a preliminary report. But at this stage I have received no advice or reports in relation to that independent noise assessment.

Ms Hunter, I will provide you with further advice in relation to any role that officers or officials of the government may have had in discussions of the sort you have described.

MR SPEAKER: Ms Hunter, a supplementary question?

MS HUNTER: Thanks, Mr Speaker. Minister, what actions has the ACT government taken already and what plans does the government have to promote the development of the 24-hour freight hub at Canberra international airport?

MR STANHOPE: I do not think it is fair to say that the government has taken any decisions or has any plans to promote the establishment of a 24-hour freight hub at Canberra international airport. Issues in relation to that particular development are issues or proposals that would be pursued by the airport’s owners.

I have to say that I am mindful, quite conscious and very supportive of the role which the Canberra international airport plays in the economic life and the social life of this community. It is fundamental to our economy. It is fundamental to many other aspects of the quality of life in the life of this community and I am a strong supporter of the role which Canberra international airport plays in the life of this city.

With plans that I am aware that the airport has to build its business, including in relation to the enhancement of freight, I look forward to engaging constructively with the airport in relation to any such plans and I of course look forward to engaging with the broader Canberra community in relation to the implications, most particularly the

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