Page 1971 - Week 06 - Wednesday, 6 May 2009

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which I think is a bit of an endorsement of what I just said. I think that is pretty right about the formula he has got. I think all the people in his office know that you write four or five pages of good, solid, typical departmental stuff and then you have a page that perhaps someone else in the office writes. Perhaps it is not the DLO or the department. Someone else in the office puts together pretty much the same rant but they change the portfolio. It might be education, it might be youth, it might be tourism. We get the same old rant over and over again.

As far as the minister’s speeches go, the first 12 or 13 minutes might have some substantial departmental substance. But the final two or three minutes is just your rant to be able to appeal to the Labor voters and to the Labor Party members, to distribute that one page to them and say: “This is what I have done. I am fighting for you. I am fighting for the cause; solidarity with my federal buddies.”

Mr Barr: You have no substance at the start of your speech; that is your problem.

MR SPEAKER: Order! Would you like to close the debate?

Mrs Dunne: It is not worth closing.


Ms Burch: Mrs Dunne, not worth closing? What, the youth of our community are not worthy of consideration?

Mrs Dunne: You said you were not closing. I was just surprised you were not closing. I thought you said you were not closing. I was expressing surprise that you were not closing.

MR SPEAKER: Can we just put the question? I am happy to just put the question or would you like to make comments, Ms Burch?

Ms Burch: I think a lunch time will be fine, thank you.

Mrs Dunne: Yes, we have got to have lunch, haven’t we?

MR SPEAKER: If it is the wish of the Assembly to suspend, I think we should put the question.

Mr Coe: Yes, put the question.

Ms Burch: I do not want to close.

Mrs Dunne: She does not want to close the debate.

Ms Burch: I do not want to close the debate. I am happy to leave it as it is.

MR SPEAKER: I am going to put the question. I am not just going to leave this hanging open if there is no further debate.

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